HüdaPar- As #OccupyGezi social alliances collapse, who is who in the new uprising. Brief notes.

Kobani nerede? (Kobani haritası)

Hür Dava Party- Hüda Par: A political party that represents İslamist Kurds in the Kurdish areas of Turkey. It is possibly used as a front for “Turkish Hizbullah”, a terrorist organization that was used by Turkish State in 1990s against PKK activists in urban settings. This group is responsible for many violence murder cases that reminds ISIL style. The group not only killed PKK members but also other Islamists in the region. – thus more reminders of ISIL. Although it names itself after Hizbullah, this group has nothing to do with Hizbullah that is based on Lebanon. A general misunderstanding.

After a major crackdown- as Turkish State was going through a new phase with PKK, the group remained dormant and gradually created political representation entities like HüdaPar and several foundations… It is always believed to be a tool against Kurdish separatists and possible paramilitaries. Yesterday alleged HüdaPar members shot at protesters and in return PKK- now armed forces called YPG- started revenge killings. As of now at least 16 people are believed to be killed… Like in Kobane case, narrow minded Turkish elites might rely on a civil war in the Kurdish region to prevent Kurdish movement’s growing power…

Hür Dava Partisi (Hüda par) nedir?


While protests condemning the ISIS advance in Kobane left at least 12 dead across Turkey. Out of 12, 10 were identified. Curfew order remains in Diyarbakır province
The curfew declared in Diyarbakır has been extended until Oct. 9 after at least eight people died during protests condemning the ISIL militants’ assault on the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane

Turkey wary of armed intervention against IS
Saudi Gazette
Ilter Turan, professor of political science at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, said Turkey feared possible attacks by militants inside the country in retaliation for coalition airstrikes. Any attack on the group led by Ankara would “significantly” bolster

US increasingly frustrated by Turkeys inaction against Islamic State

Unnamed US official says there is growing angst about Turkey dragging its feet to act to prevent a massacre in Kobani
What is happening in Turkey? What is the government doing? Who are the protesters? And what do they want? Here are the answers
Kurds clash with police in Turkey as protesters demand tougher action against Isis video


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