Easily manipulable Turkish nationalists. Brief notes on the current uprising…

The most manipulable group in the scene are all kinds of Turkish nationalists. Burn a Atatürk statue as allegedly Kurdish militants did in the Kurdish majority cities and most Kemalist version nationalists will turn to support state action against protesters. Most of these nationalists were exposed to police brutality during Gezi resistance and during Ergenekon process some of their leaders were unfairly imprisoned. However, their hatred of Kurds, will lead them to support AKP government in this case…

Non-Kemalist Turkish nationalists have also lost most of their power, and their major party, MHP is not a substantive obstacle to AKP rule. MHP could not object to Kurdish peace process, for instance. However militants on the street can easily be mobilized against Kurdish targets. As some did last night. in the East, there is the İslamist Kurds and in the West there is the pro-MHP Turkish youth…

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8 October 2014 Diyarbakır Onur Öncü ‏@Zeuszz 12 Eylül 1980 değil. 8 Ekim 2014’ün Diyarbakır’ı.

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A group of lawyers in İstanbul Court, in solidarity with Kobane. afa ‏@F_Asena21 Avukatlar Çağlayan Adliyesi’nde Kobane için oturma eyleminde..

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London24 ‏@london24 Disruption at #Heathrow yesterday after it was occupied by anti-Isis Kurdish protesters
There were street protests across Turkey as Kurds demanded that the government open a corridor to the besieged Syrian town of Kobani.
President Nicos Anastasiades suspended talks Tuesday on reunifying Cyprus in response to plans by Turkey to search for oil and gas in waters where Cyprus has already licensed firms to drill.

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