41 killed 266 wounded in 3 days in Turkey in traffic accidents. Dispatches from Turkey

Bayram trafiğinde 3 günlük kaza bilançosu: 41 ölü, 266 yaralı

For the Ramadan Bayram, Turks are in a state of mobilization which leads to many traffic accidents… News in Turkish

There people were killed when a public bus caught fire in Istanbul on July 27.
Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has labelled his presidential opponents as ‘racists’ during his campaign rally in Diyarbakır, carrying the critical theme that he has recently been using in foreign policy to domestic arena
An İzmir court has ruled in favor of the 24 children, saying that they had the “right” to protest
Voting at the customs gates for Turkey’s first-ever presidential election by popular vote begins

High-speed train breaks down hours after Turkish PM Erdoğan slams ‘political saboteurs’


Turkey’s long-awaited high-speed railway line between the capital Ankara and the financial capital Istanbul was finally inaugurated on July 25, only to break down several hours later. Transport Minister Elvan said there was no sign of sabotage but they had ‘question marks


Turkish presidential candidate İhsanoğlu says yes to ‘rational’ peace process
Turkish presidential candidate Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu has said he is willing to pursue the Kurdish peace process, but adds the resolution must be “rational.”


Turkish PM Erdoğan accuses Israel of blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza

Erdoğan has accused Israel of preventing the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, in his latest verbal salvo against Tel Aviv


Former Turkish military chief: I warned PM over Gülenist risk within police, judiciary
Başbuğ says he warned the prime minister, while on duty, about suspected activities of certain members of the Police Department and the judiciary

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