Look how green Taksim Square has just become… Istanbul news roundup…

AKP’s Municipal aesthetics.

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Özgür Mumcu ‏@ozgurmumcu Taksim meydanı: Yeşillendirme çalışmaları tam gaz!


Report: İstanbul faces ecological disaster due to airport construction

Today’s Zaman

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government’s project to build a third airport in İstanbul, for which 70 ponds in the city are being emptied,


Traffic nearly paralyzed outsideİstanbul before Eid ul-Fitr

Today’s Zaman

Traffic was nearly paralyzed on inter-city highways outside İstanbul as Eid ul-Fitr approached, as people left to spend the holiday in their home cities


Ponds drained, stream dried out for Istanbul’s third airport

Hurriyet Daily News

Bozoğlu added the recent data from the Istanbul Waterworks Authority (İSKİ) highlights how, for the first time since 2005, water levels inIstanbul’s


East is West: where to go in Istanbul

Evening Standard

Istanbul. Constantinople. The city that for centuries held glorious dominion over much of the known world. A time-traveller destination, where ancient


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