” The Ottomans’ unfulfilled Istanbul projects…”Istanbul’s Kristallnacht Turns 60… Istanbul news roundup…

Sultans’ dreams: The Ottomans’ unfulfilled Istanbul projects In the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire launched extensive modernization projects to transform Istanbul into a European metropolis. Many projects were left on paper, but what if the sultans’ dreams had come true? Istanbul’s Kristallnacht Turns 60 FrontPage Magazine On September 6-7, 1955, Istanbul’s Greek Christians underwent the “most … Read more

İstanbul Coffee Festival 25-28 December- İstanbul news roundup…

http://www.yelp.com.tr/events/istanbul-istanbul-coffee-festival ******************************* From Constantinople to Istanbul: The Residences of the Venetian Bailo Maney Online Medieval Italian city-states with access to the sea, most notably the Venetian and Genoese, were in need of safe ‘stopovers’ that would allow their Arthur Miller’s ‘Crucible’ revived in İstanbul, 45 years on Today’s Zaman (press release) (blog) “Cadı Kazanı,” a … Read more

Look how green Taksim Square has just become… Istanbul news roundup…

AKP’s Municipal aesthetics.   Report: İstanbul faces ecological disaster due to airport construction Today’s Zaman The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government’s project to build a third airport in İstanbul, for which 70 ponds in the city are being emptied,   Traffic nearly paralyzed outsideİstanbul before Eid ul-Fitr Today’s Zaman Traffic was nearly paralyzed … Read more

“Istanbul?s New Cultural Centers” (#istanbul2010)

Heads Up – Istanbul?s New Cultural Centers

“A Revival in Istanbul
Carolyn Drake for The New York Times

Deniz Palas, new home of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, with its neon chandelier.


UNTIL only recently, the 90-year-old Deniz Palas (Sea Palace in Turkish) in Istanbul?s Sishane neighborhood was a perfect symbol of the city?s faded glory. Originally a grand apartment building that catered to the area?s once large Greek-speaking community, the edifice ? and the surrounding neighborhood ? slowly slid into a state of decay over the decades, as political and economic turbulence drove the area?s original residents away. Now, though, the building symbolizes nothing less than the city?s cultural resurgence.”

La foule sur les quais de Constantinople | Crowd on the quays of Constantinople
found in Sur les quais de Constantinoplefrom Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

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