Eurosphere agenda: “Auditors slam EU’s Schengen info system…


The European Court of Auditors has criticised financial setbacks and delays of the new Schengen Information System (see also (,  a border control software that has cost eight times more than its initial budget. EurActiv France reports.

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While the Eurosceptic Danish People’s Party could become the biggest party in Denmark’s European Parliament elections, its Swedish sister party, the Sweden Democrats, is struggling to mobilise voters, according to polls


Laure Ferrari, EU election candidate for the far-right party Arise the Republic (Debout la République), entered politics after an unexpected encounter with Nigel Farage, the firebrand eurosceptic Briton. She is profiled in the third part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EurActiv France.

Ukraine’s far-right: Popular or propaganda?


Despite successful public relations campaigns, archconservative groups do not fare well in political polls.


The European Parliament: A Failed Experiment in Pan-European Democracy?
Source: Open Europe (UK) From Executive Summary: The European Parliament (EP) now has legislative powers over the vast majority of EU policies, from regulating working hours to vetoing EU trade agreements. However, while the use of ?co-decision?, under which MEPs have equal status with national ministers to pass EU legislation, hasEuropean Elections: Vote Panda #EP2014

Osocio Weblog by Marc van Gurp


RuNet: the ?Shit List?

In ten years, the number of active Russian internet users has leapt from 3% to 48% of the population, and counting. The government reacted by introducing a register of blacklisted sites. But some users are fighting back.

Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-TTIP protesters fighting the Son of ACTA

Boing Boing

Eurovision and Euro elections: the final straw in Polish gender wars

How is the victory of Conchita Wurst being politicized in Poland? What is the connection between Eurovision and the upcoming European Parliamentary elections?

In Eastern Ukraine Conspiracies Believe in You

Global Voices Online by Andrey Tselikov

Military leader of Donetsk separatists Igor Strelkov delivering a YouTube request for

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