For the record, many sentenced for blasphemy in Ekşi Sözlük trial.. EFD Rights Watch…


Court sentences founder of popular online forum for blasphemy


A Turkish court has given Sedat Kapanoğlu, the founder of one of Turkey?s most popular online forums, Ekşi Sözlük (Sour Dictionary), a 10 month suspended sentence for blasphemy

Mother of two released after eight hours in prison
A mother of two was released along with her children after spending eight hours in prison on May 12, following the approval of her 10 month jail sentence two days before.

State crime in Turkey: the Roboski Massacre

open Democracy News Analysis – by Saniye Karakas and Penny Green

At 21.39 on December 28, 2011, disaster struck and in an instant the village lost its youth when they became victim to the Turkish government?s ?war on terror?.

?Başınız sağolsun? we say to everyone we meet in the Kurdish village of Roboski/Uludere. We are offering our condolences to the families of victims of one of Turkey?s most appalling recent crimes ? the Roboski Massacre. One after one we offer our sympathy ? no-one here is exempt from grief.


Gezi?s ?woman in red? says superior gave orders to spray tear gas, officer got carried away
Ceyda Sungur, the demonstrator who became known as ‘the woman in red,’ has said the police officer who fired the gas was obeying the orders of a superior

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