Anthropology roundup: “What the well-dressed fieldworker is wearing this summer…


The initial entry in this series focused on some commonly taken for granted pieces of clothing?underwear, hats, and scarves. In this entry we move on to discussion of outerwear (trousers/pants and shirts/blouses).

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Towards A Catholic Economic Anthropology (3) : Markets As Avenues For Co …

Patheos (blog)

In the previous column, we explored how Catholic economic theology needs to be rooted in scriptural anthropology, and specificially in the Genesis narratives. We found that the two important aspects of scripturalanthropology for our purposes, drawn


I recently did a peer review for American Anthropologist, and was surprised (and delighted) to receive a note for them thanking me for my work and telling me that decision the editor made regarding the manuscript and ? this is the new part ? attaching all the feedback all the other peer reviewers gave the article as well. I?m familiar with this model, which is widely used in the biosciences, and I think it is great . Peer review is central to what we do but we rarely teach it to our graduate students, and the process itself is wrapped in a secrecy which makes learning on the job difficult.

The anthropology of humanitarianism
MIT News
Indeed, throughout James’ career as a medical anthropologist, she has specialized in studying people confronted with social, economic, and political uncertainty. James, now an associate professor of anthropologyat MIT, has often sought to address a

Teaching Materials Exchange

American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O.

Looking  for new ideas and materials for next term? Check out AAA?s Teaching Materials Exchange.


?Yankee Anthropology? exhibit in Hiroshima now open to the public


While this Japanese subculture may have died down considerably since its heyday in the 1980s, one museum in Hiroshima Prefecture has just opened a special exhibit titled ‘Yankee Anthropology‘. This exhibit explores Yankee culture from a serious,


UC Berkeley anthropology professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes

UC Berkeley

As a medical anthropologist, I wanted to know the actual numbers ? of blacks and whites killed ? and whether their causes of death were being covered up by the apartheid state. I went to the Salt River Police Mortuary in Cape Town following the death

Coming of Age in Samoa, open accessSavage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology

In 1928 Margaret Mead published Coming of Age in Samoa with William Morrow & Company. She did not copyright her book, possibly because copyright was only a few years old in the US and the idea had still not sunk in. However, when it became clear that the book would be a consistent earner, she did copyright it, and it has been locked up tight since then.

The anthropology of humanitarianism


Indeed, throughout James’ career as a medical anthropologist, she has specialized in studying people confronted with social, economic, and political uncertainty. James, now an associate professor of anthropology at MIT, has often sought to address a

Indigenous Australian interventions at the UQ AnthropologyMuseum
UQ News
Indigenous Australian interventions at the UQ Anthropology Museum. Yolngu have more than one name: artist’s Renelle Barradakanpuy Wunungmurra’s other initials are RWW for Renelle Watjidigawuy Wunungmurra. 2 May 2014. The UQ Anthropology

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