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English: Gerry Adams, at a book signing at the...
English: Gerry Adams, at a book signing at the Sinn Féin Bookshop, 58 Parnell Square Dublin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police in Belfast arrested the former IRA activist and current Irish parliamentarian Gerry Adams on Wednesday. The leader of the Sinn Féin party is suspected of involvement in anIRA killing committed in 1972. Commentators talk of an important step in the Northern Ireland peace process and praise the efforts to clear up the crimes of the Troubles in which no one is seen as being above the law.

MAIN FOCUS: 10th anniversary of EU’s eastern expansion | 30/04/2014


The EU celebrates the 10th anniversary of its enlargement towards the East on May 1. Commentators assess the results as positive and stress the advantages of an enlarged Union, particularly in view of the Ukraine crisis


Re-Electing Europe

European Parliament elections are almost always marked by tension between pro- and anti-Europeans. But what really is at stake ? and thus should be the focus of electoral debate ? is how Europe can generate sustained economic growth

Governance in Europe

The European Union’s authoritarian tendencies are now such that democracy seems to imply the governance of organizations, by organizations, for organizations. Karin Priester asks what is to be done under a European democracy in which the demos scarcely features at all.

Our young bloggers from across the EU discuss the rise of the far right in Europe. Part twohere.

Who are you calling a Nazi?

by Marcus How


Our young bloggers from across the EU discuss the rise of the far right in Europe. Part onehere.

What’s left when you are (far) right in Bulgaria?

by Nikolay Nikolov

Press freedom index reveals a divided Europe


Europe?s Act in Ukraine?s Tragedy

Sanctions will not impress Vladimir Putin enough to persuade him to change course on Ukraine, because he and his cronies are isolating Russia economically and financially more effectively than most sanctions could. Peaceful yet tangible political steps within the EU, including the creation of a European energy union, just might

The divided house of anti-Europe

open Democracy News Analysis – by Cas Mudde

Right-wing Eurosceptic parties will have more MEPs than ever before in the next European Parliament. But this doesn’t mean they will be able to form a united Eurosceptic front.

Kiev ‘helpless’ in east Ukraine

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Ukraine’s acting President Olexander Turchynov admits his forces are helpless to quell unrest driven by pro-Russia activists in parts of the east


The ?equality economy?: tackling labour-market insecurity in Europe

open Democracy News Analysis – by Michaël Privot

While since ?9/11? a militarised conception of security has dominated the world, the global economic crisis has seen insecurity in the labour market mushroom. Marking international workers’ day, could Europe lead the way to a more secure ?equality economy??

IMF approves $17bn Ukraine bailout

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The International Monetary Fund approves a bailout for Ukraine, to help the country’s beleaguered economy


Banana-throwing fan in Spain faces charges


Spanish police said Wednesday they have laid criminal charges against a football fan for throwing a banana at Barcelona defender Dani Alves, a slur that has sparked a global storm of anti-racist protest

The Eurosceptic Surge and How to Respond to it


Source: European Council on Foreign Relations Ahead of the European elections in May, Europe?s far-right parties are forging an anti-EU alliance…The so-called European Alliance for Freedom aims to form a group in the European Parliament (which currently requires 25 members from seven EU member states). It is also reaching out to the


Ukraine And EU Enlargement 10 Years After Big Bang

Social Europe Journal by Jan Marinus Wiersma

While the world watches nervously the developments in Ukraine, one cannot but ask oneself what would have happened if the EU (and/or NATO for that matter) had incorporated this country following the events of 2004, the Orange Revolution. Then as now Brussels refused to consider the country a viable candidate for membership. In fact the EU looked in other directions for further enlargements: Turkey,  the Western Balkans and Iceland

French far-Left divided for European elections by Kelly Thomas


How does Europe wean itself off Russian gas?

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

How does Europe wean itself off Russian gas?

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