Fight Censor with Humor #TwitterBannedinTurkey

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uzaymekiği tamircisi (@_exclusive_____) saat +9:43 AM on Cmt, Mar 22, 2014 gibi tweetledi:
Bütün dünya Duble yolları konuşuyor

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CK (@cngzkync) saat +11:08 AM on Cmt, Mar 22, 2014 gibi tweetledi:
Yine hortladı…kuş gribi


Turkish tweeps fight Erdogan with memes

Storified by The Stream

Following a ban on Twitter, Turks defied government ruling to send a reported 17,000 tweets per minute…

Turks Evade Twitter Ban to Mock Twitter Ban, on Twitter ? Robert Mackey (@RobertMackey) ? Mar 21, 9:38 AM ? Updated, 1:36 p.m. | As my colleagues Sebnem Arsu and Alan Cowell report, Turkey’s court-ordered ban on Twitter was widely subverted on Friday by many of the 12 million Turkish users of the social network, who found ways to gain access to the

1.2 Million Tweets Sent in Turkey, Despite Ban

Mashable ? Mar 21, 10:55 AM ? They really are occupying Twitter. One day after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced an attempt to ‘eradicate’ Twitter, Turkish users have employed SMS, DNS, VPN and Tor to send over one million tweets in defiance of the

National mobilization. Restaurant board describes how to access. via @adnanvarmaz

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Milli seferberlik. Vatandaş sokakta bile DNS değiştirmeyi öğreniyor. via @VenharCengiz
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Google declines Turkey’s requests to remove YouTube videos alleging corruption

WSJ ? Sam Schechner ? Mar 21, 2:10 PM ? Google Inc. has declined Turkish government requests to remove YouTube videos alleging government corruption, people familiar with the matter said, the latest sign of resistance to a crackdown against social media led by Turkish Prime Minister
Photo: Milli seferberlik. Vatandaş sokakta bile DNS değiştirmeyi öğreniyor. via @VenharCengiz
Hepsi engellenene kadar dns diyenlere Alternatif DNS bilgileri: 67. 220.220

Dünya lideri, dünya gündeminde :

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Turkey’s Twitter ban backfires: Tweets up 138%, VPN usage up, topic trends

VentureBeat ? Harrison Weber ? Mar 21, 7:21 AM ? After banning Twitter last night, the actions of Turkey prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have failed spectacularly. Immediately following Turkey’s ban, Twitter issued a SMS workaround. Then, ?# TwitterisblockedinTurkey ? became a…
Photo: Hepsi engellenene kadar dns diyenlere Alternatif DNS bilgileri:                208. 67. 220.220
Alternative Informatics Association statement on Twitter ban#ErdoganBlockedTwitter

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A video outlining the key moments of #TwitterisblockedinTurkey.

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BBC Türkçe Canlı ?@canli_bbcturkce

AGİT Basın Özgürlüğü Temsilcisi Dunja Mijatovi? Twitter hesabında aşağıdaki fotoğrafı RT’ledi.

Turkey Attacks Twitter and the Robot Lobby

Newsweek ? Joe Kloc ? Mar 21
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🙂 “despite”=”because of” RT @mashable Whoa: 1.2 million tweets sent in Turkey, despite ban

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Turkey Vs. Twitter ? Jenna Krajeski ? Mar 21 ? Before a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally on Thursday afternoon in the city of Bursa?about a two-hour ferry ride from Istanbul?Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, vowed to ban Twitter. The threat came in the
Rehberi Kuzey Kore olanın….
Photo: Rehberi Kuzey Kore olanın....
Engelleme başarılı olmayınca iş başa düşer…. via @arlene_francis
Photo: Engelleme başarılı olmayınca iş başa düşer.... via @arlene_francis

Turks face new Internet restrictions after Twitter block ? Daren Butler ? Mar 22, 6:53 AM ? ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turks faced fresh difficulties in accessing the Internet on Saturday after the government blocked access to Twitter, the site where tweets on a corruption scandal have angered Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. Twitter was blocked
Photo: Ispiyoncu.
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Engin Onder ?@enginonder

#twitter blocked in #turkey tonight. folks are painting #google dns numbers onto the posters of the governing party.

Yardım geldi. via @eceerken
Photo: Yardım geldi. via @eceerken

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Turkey Twitter users flout Erdogan ban on micro-blogging site ? Constanze Letsch ? Mar 21, 3:37 AM ? Turkish users of Twitter – including the country’s president – have flouted a block on the social media platform by using text messaging services or disguising the location of their computers to continue posting messages on the site. Telecom?
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Dear Dictators: Yes, Please Try to Block Twitter

Mashable ? Mar 20, 10:29 PM ? So how was your day, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? We’re guessing it didn’t go quite the way you intended. For example, several million fewer people on this planet didn’t associate your name, if they knew it at all, with..
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Hurriyet Daily News ?@HDNER

#TwitterisblockedinTurkey in photos: ‘Keep calm&change DNS’ tweeps answer to PM’s ‘yes we ban’

Image preview

Fighting Turkey’s Twitter Ban With DNS Graffiti

By Mashable @mashable

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Bülent Mumay ?@bulentmumay

Avrupa Parlamentosu Başkanı Schulz, Twitter üzerinden Başbakan Erdoğan’a 5 dilde seslendi… ?

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Jim Roberts ?@nycjim

White House criticizes #Turkey?s Twitter ban; says it undermines freedom of expression.

Fighting Turkey’s Twitter Ban With DNS Graffiti

Mashable ? Mar 21, 7:13 AM ? When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he wold eradicate Twitter, he wasn’t joking. The Prime Minister’s office issued a statement on Thursday stating that Turkish officials had ‘no option’ other than to ban the service, which

Statement by the Press Secretary on Blocking of Twitter in Turkey

The White House ? Mar 21 ? The United States is deeply concerned that the Turkish government has blocked its citizens’ access to basic communication tools. We oppose this restriction on the Turkish people’s access to information, which undermines their ability to exercise
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Turkish Effort to Block Twitter Draws Protest ? Sebnem Arsu ? Mar 21 ? ISTANBUL ? Turkey’s government on Friday stood by an order to block Twitter, even as many users, including some high officials, found ways to circumvent and challenge it. ?Blocking access was a court ruling, not a political
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