Attempt to ban CHP deputy’s personal website… Towards worse web censorship…

Some friends argue that in the last wave of website bans Palo Alto Networks are involved… However, no certain evidence… 

CHP deputy head reveals robbery, says ban on personal website a sign of ?pressure?


‘We reported the robbery to the police, I did not dwell upon it too much. But when you look at the incidents as a whole, [I see] a pressure here,’ Umut Oran said in a press conference

How Will Turkey Be Censored on the Net?


bianet interviewed Berhan Soylu, an executive board member of Computer Engineers Chamber on the impact of government?s bill proposal which will regulate the internet usage.


Turkey’s Crackdown on Internet a Matter of Politics

Voice of America – ISTANBUL ? The Turkish government is facing growing criticism over its proposals to control Internet use. The moves come with the governmen


Turkey: Is a Dark Net Rising?


?The timing of these rushed amendments is certainly political,? and it is related to the corruption-probe, charged law professor Yaman Akdeniz, an expert on cyber-freedoms at Istanbul Bilgi University. ?The government seems to be trying to control the

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