Social fabric roundup: “In Hrant Dink March, There Was The Audacity Of Hope

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In Dink March, There Was The Audacity Of Hope

Thousands gathered in Istanbul to mark the seventh anniversary of the killing of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink today.

Huge demonstrations across Turkey to demand justice fr H.Dink, Armenian Journlst murdered 7 years ago. via L. Thorpe

? Ayşe Ege YILDIRIM (@ayseegeyildirim) January 19, 2014

They showed that there is still hope in Turkey, where a candle is stubbornly burning as a storm blows a terrifying gale.


VIDEO: Turkey protests over internet law

 Turkish police have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of protesters in Istanbul and Ankara.

Awful app-review trend among Turkish users: This is why your app gets so many one star reviews!

Appwared ? Jan 8 ? Here are the first reviews shown when you visit Where is My Water 2 Google Play page. Believe it or not, 11 out of 15 reviews here are actually 5 STAR reviews! Tülay Sahillioglu: Good, a very good game! I gave 1 star so that my comment gets

High school entrance exam results suspended after serious miscalculation


The exam, taken by over 1,1 mln students nationwide, caused a huge scandal after the Education Ministry admitted that the results of 718 students had been wrongly assessed


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