Cyberculture agenda: Net neutrality seems to be dead…

The Open Internet as a myth of the future?Will Internet go the way of radio — where federal deregulation has led to a concentration of U.S. radio stations in the hands of just a few companies?

What is the cause of our concern? It is a case decided January 14, 2014, one of the worst (for the people) U.S. court decisions to come out in recent years
— one, however, that would probably be affirmed by the predominantly current pro-business majority in the current U.S. Supreme Court (even the intellectual Breyer here is on the wrong side of the equation).

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: The recent ruling striking down network neutrality doesn’t just affect websites and internet service providers — it affects libraries, too. By striking down the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Open Internet Order this week, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just gave commercial companies the authority to block internet traffic, give

A court loss for ?net neutrality? could mean either a new era of innovation or preferential treatment and higher costs.

throttleIn 2008 Comcast was ordered to stop interfering with BitTorrent traffic generated by its customers. In addition, the company had to disclose all of its ?network management? practices.

The Feds Lost Net Neutrality, But Won Control of the Web

No matter what you think of network neutrality ? for it, against it, it’s complicated, who cares ? the fact that a federal court just struck down most of the FCC‘s net neutrality rules is clearly cause for concern. But not for the reasons you think

Netflix Stock Dives After Net Neutrality Ruling

If there’s one major Internet company that may be threatened by a court ruling striking down net neutrality, it’s Netflix.

FCC Net Neutrality rules are dead, but they sucked anyway: time for some better ones

Yesterday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated the FCC’s Open Internet Rules.

Google Spends More on Acquisitions Than Top 5 Rivals Combined

With its $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest this week, Google has spent a total of $17 billion buying other companies over the last two years, which is more than the company’s top five rivals combined, according to Bloomberg.

Dirty secrets of America’s most notorious patent troll

MPHJ are the notorious patent trolls who claim that any business that scans documents and then emails them owes them $1,000 per employee.

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