Turkey today: Police starting al-Qaide operation replaced; Graft probe in Beyoğlu cannot proceed…

If the police does what the prosecutor orders, it is replaced. If not, they are ok. So an operation against corrupt officials in Beyoğlu, İstanbul cannot proceed because government does not allow. Because government believes all the corruption case is an attack to its sovereignty. Police chiefs do not want to be replaced. So they do not implement prosecutors’ orders. News in Turkish.

Beyoğlu Night
Beyoğlu Night (Photo credit: Emre Otlu (Street Photography))

Turkey’s main opposition rejects gov’t offer on judicial bill


CHP has rejected a government offer a controversial bill reshaping a key judicial body


PM Erdoğan tasks ambassadors with fighting against ?treacherous plot?


PM Erdoğan has tasked Turkish ambassadors with ‘telling the truth’ about a ‘treacherous’ corruption probe in their host countries

Top business group head warns that Turkey may slip into ?police state?


Turkey?s top business group has issued a staunch warning to the government on respecting the rule of law in its move to reform the judiciary

Erdogan declares war on Gulen’s ’empire of fear’


Turkey’s embattled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared open war Wednesday on what he labelled an “empire of fear” created by an Islamic rival at the heart of a deepening political crisis


Turkish police capture senior al-Qaeda figures in major operation


Two senior al-Qaeda members have been captured during simultaneous operations in six provinces

Turkish president signals veto on government-led judicial bill


President Gül wades deeper into the judiciary row, suggesting he could veto a contentious bill if the government does not alter its draft


Turkish intelligence denies claims over Paris killings but launches internal probe


MİT has denied any involvement in the killings of three Kurdish women in Paris last year


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