“Selfie” is the word of the year… US Government Embraces Bitcoin in Hearing on Virtual Currency… Cyberculture agenda…

And the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year Is … ‘Selfie’

Oxford Dictionaries announced “Selfie” as the international Word of the Year 2013, noting its frequency in the English language has increased by 17,000% since last year


The Online Dating Engine that Assesses Your Taste In the Opposite Sex (And Whether They Find You Attractive)

Computer scientists have developed a dating recommendation engine matches you with partners you find attractive but only ones that are likely to find you attractive too.

Bitcoin Tops $600 as Congress Explores Digital Currencies

The value of bitcoin — the world’s most popular digital currency — topped $600 on Monday, as Congress held hearings on the future of this and other currencies that exist only on the internet.

Update on WikiLeaks grand jury: no indictment yet, but grand jury continues

Julian Assange. Image: Reuters.

Google to Pay $17 Million to Settle Privacy Case


cold fjord writes “The New York Times reports, ‘Google agreed on Monday to pay $17 million to 37 states and the District of Columbia … The case involved Google’s bypassing of privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser to use cookies to track users and show them advertisements in 2011 and 2012.

US Government Embraces Bitcoin in Hearing on Virtual Currency

Daniel_Stuckey writes “Congress held its first-ever hearing on virtual currencies this afternoon, and it may have been the best PR boost bitcoin’s had yet. The tone at the hearing held before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee was overwhelmingly positive as the panel weighed the risks of the technology that grew out of the criminal underbelly of the web, with the potential economic value of the now-booming futurist money.

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