In Twitter TT wars, AKP loses again… #DershaneyIeGelenADALET

After Occupy Gezi, there comes the second blow…

For the last 4 days, AKP’s plan to eliminate prep schools has been challenged in Twitter not by Gezi protesters but by Fethullah Gülen movement sympathizers. Private prep school network all over Turkey is one of the major recruitment hub for the Gülen movement (Cemaat). As the uneasy alliance between Erdoğan’s AKP and Gülen movement comes to an end, the former moves to weaken the latter. I am not sure to what extent this move will be successful. There are so many other stuff going on behind the doors that we cannot know in near future. However, the hashtag above remains to be number 1 for 3 days now. Most contributor are “real names” unlike those pro-AKP users who heavily rely on politicized nicknames. Pro-AKP hashtags popped up regularly but could not stay long. Usual suspects who also triggered anti-Gezi hashtags could be seen but they could not lead substantive campaigning against Cemaat campaigning.  Cemaat members are known to hide their political identities but things change. Now they are actively campaigning against AKP’s use of state power.

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Pro-AKP users rely on conspiracy theories, claiming ties to Israel etc, or blaming Fethullan Gülen as a conspirator with coup plotters or foreign powers. In the mean time, they cannot sustain their campaigning. According to Yasin Kesen who monitors social media/ Twitter accounts in Turkish on 11 November 11.778.156 tweet messages in Turkey were produced. On 18 November (yesterday) 14.145.780 messages were produced. You can guess who are the new comers… Cemaat attends the Twitter games now… and in the mean time, for the last 53 hours the same pro-Prep School hashtag remains at the top of Turkey TT list:

Twitter   YasinKesen  Mavi Jeans reklamı gibi olacak ...





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