Ayhan Kaya: Erdoğan, Merkel pleased by status quo in Turkey-EU ties; “How Turkey blew its chance to lead this troubled region…

Erdoğan, Merkel pleased by status quo in Turkey-EU ties

Following an overwhelming electoral victory that gave Angela Merkel the mandate to rule Germany for the third time, not much is expected to change in Turkish-EU relations


US concerned about Turkey’s choice of Chinese missile system

The US is concerned over Turkey’s decision to co-produce a defense system with a Chinese firm

How Turkey blew its chance to lead this troubled region

The Independent on Sunday (UK) 29 September 2013, p. 37 Patrick Cockburn The country could have enhanced its influence and saved a lot of lives. It did the exact opposite Whatever happened to the idea that Turkey was the coming power in the Middle East, with its surging economy and stable democracy under a mildly

 France, Britain and China to be in Syria peace talks: Fabius

Britain, France and China will be involved in a peace conference on Syria due in Geneva in November, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday.

Obama and Iran’s Rouhani hold historic phone call

The U.S. president confirms a historic first direct communication with Iran’s leader since 1979

Turkey ploughs own furrow as Mideast and EU ties worsen

Financial Times (UK) 27 September 2013, p. 4 By Daniel Dombey in Istanbul For years, the overarching question about Turkey was whether the country would become more at home in the Middle East or instead continue its decades-long journey towards European standards. Now an answer has come closer into view: neither of the above. Relations


UN Security Council unanimously adopts landmark resolution on Syria chemical arms

The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution that demands the eradication of Syria’s chemical weapons, ending weeks of intense diplomacy

Obama: Syria chemical resolution ‘huge victory’ for world

The U.S. president hailed a U.N. resolution on Syria as ‘a huge victory’ for the world

Turkey welcomes draft resolution on Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has welcomed a draft resolution of the U.N. Security Council to eliminate Syria?s chemical weapons

The Road on from Damascus: What the Syria Deal Means for the U.S. and Russia

The deal the United States and Russia struck to get rid of Syria’s chemical weaponry is neither a sign of a sea change in relations nor a victory for one party over the other, writes Olga Oliker. It is, however, something of a testament to diplomacy on both sides.

Turkey may be forced to ?standalone? air defenses

The integration of the chosen Chinese system with NATO assets is very unlikely

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