Eurosphere roundup: Germany voting today….

Merkel concludes campaign trying to fend off Eurosceptic threat

German chancellor Angela Merkel wrapped up her re-election campaign with an appeal to defend Europe and her centre-right coalition against Eurosceptics

Will Germany’s Pirates be walking the plank?

Despite recent successes, and timeliness of internet privacy issues, life’s not all plain sailing for the Pirate Party.

800,000 Turks to vote in German elections

Around 800,000 Turks are expected to cast in their votes in the Sept. 22 elections in Germany, with a majority likely to vote for the Social Democratic Party (SPD)

Germany elections: Voters’ voices

Al Jazeera talks to Germans as they head to the ballot box.

VIDEO: Inside German election media hub

The BBC’s Katya Adler gives a tour of BBC News’ broadcast operations in Berlin as Germans head to the polls


Look to the classics: European literary sex guide

Earlier this week, Russia?s children?s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov argued that in order to protect innocent children from corruption, sex education should not be taught in schools. Instead, young Russians should look to the classics, where they?ll learn all that they need to about love and relationships, chastity and family values. An overview of sex education in some classic European literature


Germany?s coalition dance could end in an unhappy affair

If the FDP does not get 5 per cent of the vote in Sunday?s German election everything is pointing to a pas de deux between the CDU-CSU and the SPD

MAIN FOCUS: Europe’s eyes on German election | 20/09/2013

Europe is awaiting Germany’s parliamentary election on Sunday with bated breath. Either the confirmation of the present coalition between the conservative CDU/CSU and the liberal FDP or a grand coalition are seen as the most likely outcome. However, the results will hardly change Berlin’s Europe policy, commentators say, criticising the extent of Germany’s power on the continent.

Viewpoints: Angela Merkel’s record

Running the rule over the German chancellor’s eight years in power

New values for One Nation Labour

It was values, not aiming at the ‘centre ground’, that won New Labour power in Britain. If Miliband and One Nation Labour are to prosper they need to show a values-based approach that resonates with an increasingly fragmented public. But how?

EU tells Israel to explain seizure of Palestinian aid

Senior European Union officials told Israel to explain why its soldiers seized a truckload of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians, saying they deplored the confiscation.


Why Germany’s ‘boring’ elections should still concern David Cameron

Our Nina Schick wrote this op-ed for today’s City AM:

For a vote touted as decisive to the future of the Eurozone, the German election campaign ? which reaches its climax on Sunday ? has been lacklustre. With barely any talk of Europe, it?s been defined by domestic issues ? from data protection, to rent control and taxation.


Can Greece’s rescue plan succeed?

Greeks are carefully watching Germany’s election hoping a new government in Berlin will forgive some of its debt.


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