Anonymous (@Crypt0nymous) explains its relationship with Redhack (@TheRedHack)

Anonymous Turkey, RedHack and #OccupyGezi

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For governments there is no difference between the two groups/collectives, both are (cyber) terrorist. Maybe this is also the reason why hacktivist and activist show solidarity and ?support? each other. Its clear that the ideologies of both groups have nothing to do with their support and solidarity. Coordinated hacks during #opTurkey, during an operation in support #OccupyGezi and the nationwide anti-government protest, showed that the believes and personal goals of both parties have been put to one side.

Some cells of turkish Anons like @AnonsTurkey do not support RedHack.@AnonymousMKA criticized RedHack for not hacking to honor Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. RedHack is a marxist-leninist hacker group and is not a service for hacks. Anons like AnonymousMKA who want to honor important people of the turkish history, should do it. It is wrong to crossover the ideology of Anonymous and RedHack, but it is also wrong to generalize the opinion of turkish Anons on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Don?t forget that Anonymous was found on the image board 4chan, one of the dark corners of the internet where anything goes. Even if their are millions of Anons with different political ideas, Anonymous is based on an anarchistic power to revolt against nearly any government and agency. “Don?t fuck with us.”

The government of Turkey fears of a revolution, primarily because of a year long dam full with anger, tears and fucked up people. The protest of this year destroyed the veil of an invincible government, it reached even a critical point when it was announced by Turkish deputy PM that the turkish army could be sent in to ?bring justice back?. Something that let us remember the 2 coups in Egypt.


Also cyberactivism and especially hacktivism reached a new highpoint. Those who remember the last ?version? of #opTurkey 2 years ago, which goals was based on hacking to protest against the new system to censor websites. Dozens of websites like The Pirate Bay, Megaupload, Deezer, Tagged, Slide etc. and even YouTube have to know the evenYouTube was censored by the turkish government under the Justice and Development Party (AKP). This year the support of hacktivism from abroad grew up from 40percent to 60percent during #opTurkey, even I didn?t expect that the video I made for #opTurkey would reach together with its turkish version more than 1.3 million views. Its important to know that this operation was not based primarily on hacking, twitter and facebook which was used to coordinate protest and spread important information like first aid, numbers of bars association of every effected region, list of needs, places to hide from the police to protect people from police torture, built up contacts directly to lawyers, doctors, journalist etc.

To come back to the relation between Anonymous and RedHack there is no problem to say that they have fought against each other during this time, that was not relevant anymore. Maybe this is also the reflection of the protests, people united. Men & women, gays & lesbians, pensioners and students, rich and poor, turks, kurds, armenians and every other ethnic group. It was not important who you are, it was important that you were there.

Resistance has just begun.

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