Cyberculture agenda: Russia’s Anti-Blogger Law… International Day Against DRM…

3 Ways Big Data Is Going To Be Used Against You In The Future Stanford Center for Internet and Society Date published: May 6, 2014 Fast Company “”I worry that profitable organizations will use big data to disadvantage consumers,” Calo adds. “Intimate knowledge of consumers coupled with being able design every aspect of interaction–that?s going to … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: the Cloud ready for mission critical apps?..Internet Archaeologists Reconstruct Lost Web Pages…Your Facebook ‘Like’ Is Now Protected by the U.S. Constitution

Is the Cloud ready for mission critical apps? _In the second part of TNW?s enterprise cloud computing series, we look at whether the Cloud is ready for mission critical apps.  Internet Archaeologists Reconstruct Lost Web Pages Computer scientists have developed a technique for reconstructing missing web resources from the context in which they appeared, just like archaeologists … Read more

PEW Featured Report: Americans and their gadgets

PEW Featured Report: Americans and their gadgets In recent years the digital world has expanded far beyond the desktop, and consumers can now choose from an array of devices capable of satisfying their need for “anytime, anywhere” access to news, information, friends and entertainment: Facebook And Zynga Sued Over Privacy from All Facebook by Caitlin … Read more