Turkey’s war games. Shoot the Syrian helicopter, then pilots decapitated by Al-Qaida militants… Syria updates..

Turkey conducted ?punitive action? by shooting Syrian helicopter, Turkish FM says

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that Turkey conducted a ?punishing operation?

Raw: Turkey Says It Shot Down Syrian Helicopter

A Turkish fighter jet shot down a Syrian military helicopter on Monday after it entered Turkish airspace and ignored warnings to leave, an official said. The helicopter crashed back inside Syria after being hit by missiles. (Sept. 16)
Turkey fires back at Syria a fourth day in a row

While stray shells and bullets from the Syrian conflict often have landed in Lebanon and Turkey, for the first time a Syrian shell killed five Turkish civilians Wednesday, prompting Turkey’s response. Some Lebanese officials believe Syria wants to drag Lebanon into the conflict to reduce international focus on Syria and raise the stakes if Syrian President Bashar Assad falls. […] in Latakia .
Pro-Assad Lebanese give refuge to Syrians

The scale of Syria’s civil war has forced refugees in Lebanon to get past longstanding divisions.
Obama?s style on Syria needs refashioning

Style points? Seriously? Style points? That?s what President Obama thinks the criticism of his zigzag Syria policy amounts to?

Widespread use of chemical arms in Syria: UN report

Banned chemical weapons have been used on a wide scale in the Syria war and there is clear evidence sarin killed hundreds of people in one major attack, UN inspectors said Monday.
Israel says military threat ‘deters rogue regimes’

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said Monday that the US-Russian deal for Syria to destroy its chemical weapons, proved that a credible threat of force could bring about diplomatic solutions.
Syria chemical weapons plan to begin ‘in days’: Monitoring body

A US and Russian-inked programme to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons should begin “in a matter of days,” the watchdog tasked with implementing the plan said Monday.

UN Security Council should listen to Turkey: President Gül

President Abdullah Gül has called on the UN Security Council to give an ear to the concerns of Turkey

‘Convincing evidence’ of Syria chemical attack: UN

UN-mandated human rights investigators said Monday they were probing 14 alleged chemical weapons

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