Cemil Bayık says PKK stops retreating, PKK demands apology from Turkish gov’t for damaged cemetery in Mardin… A politics roundup…

Bayık: Turkish State Wants War, We Will Defend Ourselves

KCK Executive Council Co-Chairperson Cemil Bayık said the Turkish state has yet to take a step forward in the democratic peace process and wanted to make war – a situation that will require them to make self-defense.

PKK demands apology from Turkish gov’t for damaged cemetery in Mardin

The Kurdish Communities Union called on the government to apologize for the destruction of a PKK cemetery


BDP offers Bulgarian model for education in Kurdish

Disputes over ?state language? and ?education in mother tongue? in Parliament?s Constitution Conciliation Commission are continuing

Deputy PM Arınç touches Turkey?s dilemma of secularism

Turkey is a secularist state, but it is impossible to ignore the wishes of the country?s pious population, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç says

The Turkish Stockholm Syndrome

If Turkey?s prime minister persists in playing politics with the economy, he risks losing his supporters among the business elite.

High voltage

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), having received 50 percent of the votes

Ruling AKP leads in Istanbul, Ankara, lags in İzmir

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is not expecting a major challenge from opposition parties


Turkey?s Olympic bid loses its sheen

Erdogan?s ?great dream? of Turkey hosting games has spawned eye-catching bid, but concerns mount that spending plans are overambitious as economy slows


Turkish Parliament gets makeover to lower tension between MPs

Officials at the Turkish Parliament are dulling the vivid orange color of the seats and setting up a dimmer lighting arrangement to alleviate the predominant atmosphere of constant tension


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