Jeff Bezos pays a visit to The Washington Post’s newsroom…

Jeff Bezos says The Washington Post can be successful if it adopts Amazon?s business philosophies

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has given his first interview since acquiring The Washington Post for $250 million. Speaking with (not surprisingly) a reporter from The Washington Post, Bezos said he would run the newspaper with the same strategy and principles as Amazon.

‘Washington Post’ Staff Reacts to Jeff Bezos’ First Visit to Newsroom

Jeff Bezos paid his first visit to The Washington Post newsroom on Tuesday afternoon following his purchase of the publication for $250 million last month

Jeff Bezos says eager to experiment at Post

Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post’s future owner, says he is eager to try new things in search of an exciting future

When print constrains digital: layout, workflow, structure

You may have seen Paul Farhi?s interview with Jeff Bezos in today?s Washington Post, the newspaper he?s buying for $250 million. If you saw it in print, you found it on Page A1, on the left below the fold. If you saw it on, who knows how you found it ? Twitter? a Google Alert? an email newsletter? ? but once you did, you saw a URL that started with /lifestyle/style/ and ?Style? emblazoned on top of the page.

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