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Why Microsoft wants to buy Nokia?s device business

In the wake of Microsoft announcing that it wants to purchase Nokia?s devices and services business, many have commented that it is a move long in the making ? uniting its Windows Phone software with its main hardware partners makes a lot of sense.

Microsoft-Nokia Deal Proves Apple Was Right All Along

Microsoft has gone ahead and made it official by slipping a $7.2 billion ring on Nokia’s finger to acquire the Finnish company’s phone business. The deal, which had been rumored for some time, puts that last big piece into place for Microsoft to have end-to-end control over theWindows Phone ecosystem. In essence, Microsoft has become Apple.

 Microsoft buying Nokia is as much about tablets as it is about smartphones

The news that Microsoft has agreed a deal to buy Nokia?s mobile handset business is huge, but while it shores up a steady supply of Windows Phone devices, it?ll likely be the death knell for Nokia?s Asha series as we know it today. More than that though, it gives Microsoft tablet power that it didn?t previously have.

Here are the parts of Nokia that Microsoft ISN?T buying

Nokia is first and foremost a phone manufacturer ? with Microsoft?s announcement that it is buying the devices group of Nokia, what else is left of the Finnish company?

The answer: its technologies.


Tor Gets Boost From Anonymous Browsing Uptick After PRISM

Huffington Post

Tor looks and acts like a browser from 1999 — the ones where you could make a cup of tea in the time it took a GIF to load. But it’s more than that (no one would put up with that level of inconvenience otherwise). Tor is a privacy protocol that can be …

Use of Anonymous Tor Network Surges in Response to NSA Revelations

More Than 1.2 Million People Are Now Using The Web Browser That Lets You …

Tor Project Doubles Traffic In Ten Days


300+ Falkvinge on Infopolicy – Discussions on information policy and civil liberties by Rick Falkvinge  / 2d  //  keep unread  //  preview  //  trash

More Thoughts On The Coming Swarm Economy

Swarm Economy:?The industrial model with lifetime single-employer careers is dying, and it is not coming back. The first sign was a change from lifetime-marriage employments into its serial-monogamy equivalent, where people change jobs every three years at the most. The next change, one which is already happening, is that most people have more than one employment ? or employment-equivalent ? at one time: this is an enormous change to society, where people are going to be juggling five to ten projects at a time, some for fun, some for breadwinning, some for both. I have called this the comingswarm economy.

France, Are You Dumb?

Stupid Politicians:?The French government is dumber than a squirrel with broccoli in its socks when it comes to ?anti-terror laws?. I am currently in Paris, and I have seen really stupid things around the world, but this kind of takes the cake.

Six-Strikes Fails to Halt U.S. Pirate Bay GrowthAfter years of negotiating and planning the ?six-strikes? Copyright Alert System finally went live in February.

The Copyright Alert System?s main goal is to educate the public. People are informed that their connection is being used to share copyrighted material without permission, and told where they can find legal alternatives.

Anonymous: Operation Kiwi Freedom initiated.

In response to the New Zealand government’s passing of the controversial GCSB Amendment Act, a purported representative of ‘Hactivist’ group Anonymous says the group will “broaden the scope of [its] NZ operations” over the next week with “Operation …

Anonymous Threatens to Expose Kiwi Lawmakers’ Secrets

Anonymous Hacker Group Threatens New Zealand MPs Over GCSB Bill [VIDEO]

GCSB fights back over global hacking threat

Assange and legal team launch legal offensive as Obama visits Sweden

download (size: 0 MB )

Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and his legal team have issued an Affidavit to the police authorities in Sweden to coincide with US President Obama?s visit on his way to the G20 summit. The Affidavit is highly significant for a number of reasons. 1. it includes further details re. the Garani massacre of more than 60 women and children (video understood to have been seized by US intelligence and is no longer available; the above photo, sourced by Darker Net, is believed to be a rare still from the video). 2. the illegal surveillance of Assange may have implications for the upcoming appeal by Manning?s team against conviction/sentence. 3. the Affidavit also includes comprehensive timelines and links that provide a contextual understanding to the events preceding and following the allegations of sexual misconduct raised against Mr. Assange in Sweden: these events include the seizure (theft) of data held by Wikileaks and the collaboration of US, Australian and other intelligence services.

Altogether, the Affidavit presents a picture of espionage intrigue, the cover-up of US war crimes with Manning as scapegoat, and the persecution of Wikileaks and digital journalism. Other affidavits are expected to be lodged in Germany, Australia and possibly the UK.

Snowden, the State, and the Future of Internet Governance ? The classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden outlining the online surveillance practices of the U.S. National Security Agency ignited a raging debate in the United States over what constitutes appropriate online conduct by governments. That

 Wikileaks’ Assange asks Swedish police to investigate FBI, US intel activity

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher and Australian Senate candidate currently sheltered in Ecuador’s London Embassy, “has lodged a formal complaint asking Swedish police to open a criminal investigation into alleged illegal United States intelligence activity in Europe directed against WikiLeaks and himself.” [the Age]

When Google and Microsoft “Stand Together” against US spying, you know stuff just got real

“To followers of technology issues, there are many days when Microsoft and Google stand apart.” Quite an understatement, but so begins a recent blog post by Microsoft’s General Counsel and Legal/Corporate Affairs EVP Brad Smith. Why are the two tech arch-enemies joining forces? “The Government?s continued unwillingness to permit us to publish sufficient data relating to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) orders.”

The Copyright Monopoly Was Created As A Censorship Instrument ? And Is Still Used As OneWhen the printing press hit Europe, royalty and clergy panicked.

All of a sudden, they had lost the gatekeeper position of determining what culture and knowledge was available to the masses, and by extension, lost control of the political discourse of their time.

UK gov asked NYT to destroy Snowden material

The British government asked the New York Times to destroy copies of NSA documents leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden–specifically, “anything related to the operations of the U.S. spy agency and its British partner, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ),” reports Reuters today.

Schneier on NSA intimidation, and the expanding surveillance state

Internet security expert Bruce Schneier writes about Lavabit founder Ladar Levison’s“extreme moral act in the face of government pressure,” in closing the security-focused email service rather than complying with a US government order to share user data.


Tor: The Anonymous Internet, and If It’s Right for You


Since the revelations about NSA spying came to the surface earlier this summer, everybody’s paying a little bit more attention to their privacy online. That’s good news for Tor, a suite of software and network of computers that enables you to use the …

Tor Gets Boost From Anonymous Browsing Uptick After PRISM

Use of Anonymous Tor Network Surges in Response to NSA Revelations

More Than 1.2 Million People Are Now Using The Web Browser That Lets You …

Anonymous hacks Syrian Electronic Army: Operation Syria engaged

Anonymous hacks the pro-Assad hacker group known as the Syrian Electronic Army, compromising servers and obtaining members’ names along with user IDs and passwords, as part of Operation Syria (#OpSyria). According to a report issued Sept. 2 by The …

Syrian Electronic Army Denies Anonymous Exposed Its Members


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