Eurosphere roundup: “EU nears terror ruling on Hizbollah armed wing…

Banners with the text "Our blood has won&...
Banners with the text “Our blood has won” in the aftermath of the 2006 war in South Lebanon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EU nears terror ruling on Hizbollah armed wing

A declaration of Hizbollah?s military wing as a terrorist group, which must be backed by all EU member states, has been gaining momentum


Burke, Norman and Glasman – ‘post-liberalism’ in Britain today

At a Civitas seminar this week, Jesse Norman MP and Maurice Glasman of Blue Labour discussed Burke and his relevance to ‘post-liberalism’ today. Is a “new centre ground” really being carved out?


MAIN FOCUS: Schäuble praises Athens’ reform path | 18/07/2013

Shortly before his visit to Athens today, Thursday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble expressed his approval of Greece’s economic development. But in the eyes of the commentators, he is only trying to calm his fellow Germans in the run-up to the federal elections this autumn, after which further billions will be heading for the Greek capital.

Greek Cypriots unveil plans for first casino resort, following in the footsteps of the island’s north

Greek Cyprus ministers approved plans for a first casino resortas they scramble to woo investment to offset a deep recession

Italy must throw out its racist politics

The country, which on many levels is as cultured as any, is stranded a generation or more in the past when it comes to gender and racial equality

UN condemns Italy on deportations

The expulsion of a Kazakh dissident?s family amounted to ?extraordinary rendition?, say human rights experts about a case threatening Rome?s coalition

New facts are busting energy myths

Adequate decision making on energy policies must be based on accurate information and cannot rely on outdated knowledge and misconceptions. A new series of fact sheets explores the myths and facts of Europe?s energy sector.

by Sven Haertig-Tokarz, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog

Energy is an important issue cutting across some of the big problems of our time such as climate change, security and the economic crisis. What sources of energy we use and how we finance them influence how our societies will function in the decades to come

A grand coalition in Bulgaria too?

There is word is that Bulgaria needs a grand coalition to get the country from the impasse and prepare early elections, probably to coincide with the European elections on 22 May.

No matter how antagonistic the relations between the party GERB of former prime minister Boyko Borissov and the Bulgarian Socialist Party BSP may be, this looks like the only wise option.

Surveillance claims overshadow Merkel campaign

Angela Merkel?s re-election campaign is under pressure following reports of intensified co-operation between German and US intelligence services


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