“Egyptian Foreign Ministry asks Turkey ‘not to take sides’ – An Egypt coup roundup…

English: View from Cairo Tower
English: View from Cairo Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Egyptian Foreign Ministry asks Turkey ‘not to take sides’: Ambassador

Egyptian officials have asked Ankara ‘not to take sides,’ the Turkish ambassador to Cairo has said after being summoned to the Foreign Ministry

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu resumes hectic phone diplomacy on Egypt

Egypt?s foreign minister called his Turkish counterpart, informing him about a mass attack in his country that killed more than 50

Algeria?s shadow looms over Egyptians

Parallels are drawn between two countries as another Islamist electoral experiment is halted in the name of protecting democracy

Muslim Brotherhood will not join Egypt’s new government

Muslim Brotherhood’s political branch refuses to join a new Egyptian government

La chute de Morsi, une nouvelle onde de choc à travers le Moyen-Orient

Le Figaro (France) no. 21439, mardi 9 juillet 2013, p. 5 Adrien Jaulmes La seconde révolution égyptienne (dont le déroulement fut pratiquement identique à celui de la première) a secoué le Moyen-Orient presque autant que la chute de Moubarak en 2011. La chute rapide de Mohammed Morsi et du gouvernement des Frères musulmans au Caire


Egypt’s PM-designate to offer posts to Brotherhood party

Egypt’s prime minister-designate is to offer ministerial posts in the new government to members of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm

Is Egypt?s Revolution Over?

What does it look like when your revolution is failing? Look at Egypt today.

 Islamic body head says he warned Morsi in April

OIC Head Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu said he had warned ousted President Morsi over the country?s problems and offered him solutions in a meeting in April

US ‘cautiously encouraged’ by timeline for Egypt vote

The White House said it was ‘cautiously encouraged’ by a timeline proposed by Egypt’s interim rulers for elections to replace ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Liberal economist new Egypt PM, ElBaradei VP: State media

Egypt’s interim president named liberal economist Hazem al-Beblawi, a former finance minister, as the country’s new prime minister.


All four Turkish journalists detained in Egypt released

Two of the four Turkish journalists who were detained by soldiers in Egypt today have been released. Anadolu Agency, which first reported that all four journalists had been freed, said the other two were ‘expected to be released soon’


How one can defend Egypt?s coup

On June 3, when Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi announced the deposing of Mohamed Morsi, Egypt?s elected president

From Egypt, with love

?Luckily, the first 18 tumultuous months of the Arab Spring have passed.

The Army?s coup in Egypt: for the people or against the people?

The Muslim Brotherhood?s atrocious record in government has obscured the nature of the army?s coup, directed against the Egyptian people and the revolutionary potential of their deep disaffection with the old regime. As for the remnants of that regime ? these elites are playing a game in which instability is a vital ingredient.

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