A nice piece: “The Paris attackers hit the city’s young, progressive core…#ParisAttacks

The Paris attackers hit the city’s young, progressive core fusion.net – Manu Saadia – Nov 13, 6:11 PM Tonight, the golden triangle of Parisian youth culture is covered in blood. We do not yet know the full extent of the terrorist attacks in Paris that started Friday night, or even how many attacks there were. … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Journalists’ Twitter messages blocked.. Eren Keskin sentenced…

A Turkish court decides to block hundreds of specific messages mostly written by journalists. Here is the news in Turkish and here is the court decision.   Eren Keskin Sentenced to 10 Months Due to Article 301  Bianet :: English Human rights advocate Eren Keskin was sentenced to 10 months of prison due to Article 301, a … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “French hostage beheaded in Algeria… “Hungary and the EU…

  Algerian militants behead kidnapped French tourist Algerian militants beheaded French tourist Hervé Gourdel, who was kidnapped by gunmen in what the group said was a response to France’s action against ISIL militants in Iraq French hostage beheaded in Algeria France confirms an Algerian jihadist group linked to IS has beheaded 55-year-old tourist Herve Gourdel, who was … Read more

WTF? China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Algeria now have seats in “UN Human Rights Council”

New members of UN rights council draw criticims China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Algeria win seats on the UN Human Rights Council

A tribute to Albert Camus anniversary

You can have a look at the anniversary roundup curated by Erkan here.

Aleppo University withdraws Turkish PM Erdoğan?s honorary doctorate (!) A FP roundup… an Egypt roundup…

Aleppo University withdraws Turkish PM Erdoğan?s honorary doctorate The council of Aleppo University has announced the withdrawal of an honorary doctorate that the university awarded to Turkish PM in 2009 *** Egypt Protest Leader Snubs State Department #2 CAIRO – Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is currently in Egypt, making him the highest-ranking U.S. … Read more

“Egyptian Foreign Ministry asks Turkey ‘not to take sides’ – An Egypt coup roundup…

Egyptian Foreign Ministry asks Turkey ‘not to take sides’: Ambassador Egyptian officials have asked Ankara ‘not to take sides,’ the Turkish ambassador to Cairo has said after being summoned to the Foreign Ministry Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu resumes hectic phone diplomacy on Egypt Egypt?s foreign minister called his Turkish counterpart, informing him about a mass … Read more

on Jan.10 French Senate to vote on Armenian genocide bill… while Algerians oppose Turkey’s use of Algerian massacres against France…

French Senate to vote on genocide from BBC News | Europe | World Edition The French Senate is to vote this month on a bill making it illegal to deny that the mass killing of Armenians was genocide, reports say.   France sets date to vote ?genocide? bill from Hurriyet Daily News Presidential Board of … Read more

A Libya et al. roundup. “Who depends the most on Libyan oil?; “Challenges for foreign journalists in Libya…

Was Turkish PM Erdogan the final recipient of the Qaddafi human rights prize? from FP Passport by Joshua Keating The Turkish opposition is criticizing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his relative silence on events in Libya saying he is ?doing well by the award? given to him by Muammar al-Qaddafi last November. If current … Read more

It is the smell of digital revolution. From Egypt to Yemen… A roundup

Egypt: An Internet Black Hole from Global Voices Online by Jillian C. York Written by Jillian C. York This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011. Over the past few days, as protesting Egyptians have utilized social media tools for organizing and disseminating information, they’ve also come across numerous obstacles to … Read more