Today the Park is open again… A roundup… #direngeziparkı


İstanbul Taksim Streets yesterday…

Turkish magazine releases ?Gezi Park? issue online after disbanding

Recently folded history magazine NTV Tarih has uploaded its last issue online, one week after NTV?s owners disbanded the publication

here is the website: history while it?s still living).

Municipality skips tent plans, settles for iftar tables at Gezi Park

Istanbul?s Beyoğlu Municipality will not be putting up a Ramadan iftar tent at Gezi Park.


Man who opened fire at Gezi protests detained

A man who was caught on camera firing his gun into open at July 8 Gezi Park protests is currently detained

Istanbul protests ? in pictures

Turkish police fired teargas and water cannon at demonstrators who tried to defy a closure order and enter an Istanbul par


Testing what we learned in Gezi Park

In order for us to reach out to Diyarbakir, we needed a counter-narrative. Gezi was that teaching experience. But what was learned at Gezi had to be put to the test.


Turkish police fire teargas, water cannon to disperse protesters gathering at #Gezi park. #Turkey #OccupyTurkey
UcakTamircisi Helikopter Tamircisi46m
Su tabancasından gözaltı TAKSİM
birkemokte Birke Öktem21m
Orantısız zeka ve mizahin dibi


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