Not surprising Pew Reserch Findings: Polarization increases in Turkey… Erdoğan’s favorability in the region falls…

Turkish deputy PM slams women ‘having vacation without husbands’ Bülent Arınç defends his criticism against ‘laughing women’ with a puzzling complaint about ‘pole climbers’ Spam messages reign in Turkish presidential hopefuls’ campaigns Turkey’s presidential hopefuls have continued campaigning by sending text messages to mobile phone users Turks Divided on Erdogan and the Country’s Direction – Jul 30, 2:55 … Read more

Pro-ISIL militants attacked a Shiite mosque in Istanbul… EFD Rights Watch…

ISIL ‘attacks Shiite mosque’ in Istanbul Hurriyet Daily News Members of ISIL attacked a Shiite mosque in Istanbul last week, a human rights association has claimed in report Governor suggests sending Syrians in Istanbul to camps in southeast Hurriyet Daily News Governor Mutlu said that new measures were being considered to deal with the rising number of … Read more

Destruction of Istanbul?s Yedikule Gardens, Archeologists issue warning… Historical Armenian building in Istanbul rented despite the ongoing trial…Istanbul news roundup…

Archeologists issue warning on destruction of Istanbul?s Yedikule Gardens The Istanbul branch of the Association of Archaeologists has warned that excavations within the historical Yedikule gardens are destroying the remains of Istanbul?s old town.   Beyoğlu shopkeepers? woes date back further than Gezi Park protests Buisiness owners say their problems date back to the ban … Read more

İftar in the Taksim Square by the municipality… while rights violations continue increasingly… EFD Rights Watch

iftar: Here are the tables put by the municipality.. Police search houses of Gezi protests? starter group members Police are searching the houses of representatives of the Taksim Solidarity Platform including their leading figures European court finds Turkey guilty in case regarding police crackdown ECHR has fined Turkey in a complaint by two Turkish citizens regarding … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: New Greece agreement… Bulgaria?s belated struggle for democracy…Erasmus student programme sets record

EU takes Russia to WTO for first time EU officials say a levy to cover recycling costs is a protectionist ploy in environmental disguise because it only applies to imported vehicles   MAIN FOCUS: Help for Greece in dribs and drabs | 09/07/2013 After the conclusion of the troika’s review the finance ministers of the … Read more

Today the Park is open again… A roundup… #direngeziparkı

  İstanbul Taksim Streets yesterday… Turkish magazine releases ?Gezi Park? issue online after disbanding Recently folded history magazine NTV Tarih has uploaded its last issue online, one week after NTV?s owners disbanded the publication here is the website: history while it?s still living). Municipality skips tent plans, settles for iftar tables at Gezi Park Istanbul?s … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “A Single Person Arrested in Mob Attack Against Alevi-Kurdish Family, “William Burroughs’ Turkish publishers’ obscenity trial postponed and more..

A Single Person Arrested in Mob Attack Against Alevi-Kurdish Family from Bianet :: English Officials arrested the traditional Ramadan drummer as part of their investigation into the attack against an Alevi-Kurdish family in the eastern province of Malatya. Opposition deputies who arrived in the province also castigated the authorities for their inadequate response to the … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Police chief accused of torture and rape promoted…

Police Defends Promotion of Staff Member Accused of Torture, Rape from Bianet :: English The Turkish Police Headquarters issued a public statement in defense of their controversial decision to promote Sedat Selim Ay, the newly appointed deputy director of the Istanbul Anti-Terror Police Department who had been convicted of charges of rape and torture. Controversial … Read more

Istanbul tours and more… An Istanbul news roundup…

Istanbul in top 10 street food list Hurriyet Daily News From the visually-striking stalls selling döner (lamb, chicken, or beef on a vertical skewer) to the balık ekmek (fish sandwiches) sold off of boats, one of the greatest attributes of Istanbul’s street food is the variety of options. Mornings can start with simit Istanbul 2020 … Read more

Turks goes to holiday/Bayram

This is a view (via) from the highway that leads to the Second Bosphorus Bridge. As people begin to leave Istanbul, they will be stuck in traffic for ages now -it is reported that there is a 15 km queue in the highway now- and unfortunate news of fatal traffic accidents will flow.. It has … Read more

Istanbul under the spell of Ramadan. An Istanbul news roundup…

I should be wandering around to actually observe what goes on but let me have some peace of mind back in Erikli here… Ramadan?s Iftar: The Break Fast of Champions from Istanbul Eats by admin Ramadan drummer of Istanbul hopes the beat will go on from World news: Turkey | Drummers fear for future … Read more

BBC interviews Hilal Kaplan on “the humiliating ban”

Hilal Kaplan feels the ban discriminates against women like herself and holds Turkey back ‘Humiliating ban’ from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Student explains why she defied Turkish headscarf ban Jour de marché avant les fêtes (kurban bayram) à Hakkari : le calme avant la tempête kurde from YOL (routes de Turquie et … Read more

The end of fasting in 3 hours.

I have to admit. Since I started fasting in high school, I have never missed so many fasting days like in this Ramazan. But this was not because of the long and hot days but I have travelled a lot and I used the right not to fast during travelling. In fact, I tried to … Read more

Rick Steves: Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul

Levent/Istanbul. Big business district. via Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul Seattle Times Istanbul is more than 90 percent Muslim. My most recent trip here happened to coincide with Ramadan. During this time, the Muslim faith seems even more … Turkish soap opera Noor brings tourist boom to Istanbul The Guardian Noor, starring … Read more

Istanbul smells like Houston

The hot and humid air does not leave Istanbul. It did sink onto us. When I go out of my office and walk to the parking long, I smell something very similar. Sort of nostalgia emerges. I remember my days in Houston, TX. This is the same smell, same weather and that’s the only good thing about the weather….

Weather for Istanbul, Turkey

30°C |
Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 11 km/h
Humidity: 70%
32°C | 26°C
32°C | 26°C
32°C | 26°C
32°C | 26°C

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