Nobody is backing down in #Egypt …

Morsi, Egypt army pledge lives in ?Final Hours? showdown

Egypt?s army commander and President Mohamed Morsi each pledged his life to defy the other as the hour approached.

Egypt’s Morsi says he won’t step down to protect democratic ‘legitimacy’ with his life

Egypt’s embattled president says he will not step down as demanded by millions of protesters, as the army’s 48-hour ultimatum is set to end on July 3

The Egyptian Military’s Playbook

The Egyptian military, still bruised from its last stint in power, is likely to proceed with caution this time around. If it does intervene, it will likely seek some acquiescence from the Islamists and will want to quickly form an inclusive caretaker government.


MAIN FOCUS: Power struggle in Egypt escalates | 03/07/2013

Shortly before the ultimatum issued by the army runs out this Wednesday afternoon, Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has refused to resign. Some commentators call on the controversial leader to begin a dialogue with the opposition, warning against intervention by the military. Others see a peaceful changeover of power as holding new opportunities for the entire region.

The Brotherhood Isn’t Backing Down

CAIRO — In what may be Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy’s final day in office, Muslim Brotherhood officials continued to strike a defiant note against their civilian and military opponents.

Morning Brief: Egypt’s President Rejects Military Ultimatum

Egypt’s President Rejects Military Ultimatum

Top news: Egypt’s military delivered an ultimatum to Islamist President Mohamed Morsy on Monday, saying he had 48 hours satisfy the public’s demands or else it would impose its own “road map.” The communiqué, which was interpreted by some members of the Muslim Brotherhood as a military coup, comes on the heels of massive anti-government protests over the weekend that brought the country to a standstill. But with the streets relatively quiet on Tuesday, it seems Egyptians have largely left the fate of the country in the military’s hands.

Egypt: the politics of sexual violence in protest spaces

There is a new wave of sexual assault against women being witnessed in Tahrir Square, but women are refusing to let anyone take away their voices by assaulting their bodies.  These attacks are commensurate with the pattern of politically motivated sexual violence that has emerged, and grown, under the Muslim Brotherhood?s reign, argues Mariz Tadros

Egypt in political crisis, President Morsi may be ousted by military today

In Egypt today, a dramatic series of fast-moving events, as protesters demand that President Mohamed Morsi step down . Overnight, there were deadly clashes between supporters of the regime and those who want him out. The military issued a 48-hour ultimatum on Monday. As always, @acarvin is good to follow on Twitter. Lupe Fiasco may have won the day, however.

Protestor Asks Morsi to Leave in Code

Massive protests calling on Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi to step down continue across Egypt for the third day.

Morning Brief: Morsy and military set for collision

Morsy and military set for collision

Top news: Egyptians are anxiously awaitingthe 5 p.m. deadline that the military has set for President Mohamed Morsy to meet the demands of the increasingly large protests in Cairo. If Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government is unable to reconcile with the protesters, the army has reportedly drawn up a plan to suspend the constitution and put an interim government in place. The military has reportedly summoned civilian political leaders including former U.N. diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei to a meeting ahead of the deadline.

Could Mohamed ElBaradei Be Egypt’s Next Ruler?

CAIRO — It’s now less than two hours before the Egyptian military lays outs its plan for the country’s future, and the rumors are flying fast and furious. The latest report is that army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sissi is meeting with opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, the top Muslim cleric of al-Azhar mosque, and the Coptic pope. That’s pretty much a who’s who of figures hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood.[[BREAK]]


Morsi offers consensus government as way out of Egypt crisis

Egypt’s embattled President Mohamed Morsi proposed a consensus government today as a way out of the country’s crisis as the army’s deadline expired

 Analysis: Morsi’s struggle for ‘legitimacy’

Embattled president is increasingly seen as out of touch with Egyptians, but supporters vow to defend his rule.

Egypt army plans for after Morsi as clashes leave seven dead

Egypt’s army has plans to push Mohamed Morsi aside and suspend the constitution after an all but impossible ultimatum. The generals have readied their own draft programme, military sources have said.

No uniform answer to Egypt?s problems

The crowds clamouring for change would do well to note the fickle loyalties of the generals to anyone but themselves

Egypt’s President Morsi Defies Army With One Tweet

Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi just rejected the army’s ultimatum with a single tweet.

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? ?.???? ???? (@MuhammadMorsi) July 2, 2013

Reuters translated the tweet as follows:

The Clash of Cultures From Istanbul to Cairo

Huffington Post

My son Rumi and I are chasing protests across the Middle East. We spent a week in Istanbul as the protests there petered out and flared up in Ankara. We are now in Cairo and the country is reeling from the massive protests on June 30th, whose goal was

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