Eurosphere roundup: “Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP in racism case…

Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP in racism case (News)

Members of the European Parliament have revoked the parliamentary immunity of Marine Le Pen, the fiery leader of France?s far-right National Front, paving the way for her to face charges in her country for inciting racial hatred.


CAP Reform ? Brits Do It Again

An endless refrain of British Governments over the decades has been the need to reform the Common Agricultural Policy, usually delivered above a continuo of the need to make economies in the running of the European Union. It would be logical to deduce therefore that whenever the opportunity to improve the efficiency and the economic effectiveness of the farm policy arises the Brits would be in there leading the charge

Germany supports start to EU-US free trade talks

Germany wants EU-US free trade talks to start next week, Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s spokesman.

France continues anti-EU rhetoric

President François Hollande appeared to do little to rein in his colleagues? attacks on EU in the wake of trying times in domestic political arena

Hollande sacks critical minister

France’s President Francois Hollande sacks his Environment Minister Delphine Batho after she criticised cuts to her department.

Portugal: heading for a second bailout?

Spike in borrowing costs following the teetering of the governing coalition could force EU and IMF officials into a discussion about a second bailout

MEPs reject plans for controversial fund managers’ bonus cap

The European Parliament has voted down a controversial proposal put forward by German Green MEP Sven Giegold to introduce a bonus cap for managers of UCITS investment funds. Mr Giegold wanted to curb bonuses so that they could no longer exceed managers’ basic salaries.

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1 thought on “Eurosphere roundup: “Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP in racism case…

  1. A Google+ comment:

    James Colin
    1:30 AM

    not in racism case. She spoke against illegal occupation of public streets for praying by muslims and the lack of action from governments.?

    James Colin
    9:48 AM1

    You’re welcome, but one clarification in front of hundreds of misinformation articles isn’t doing anything..
    But if you dig into it, especially looking at cases in which immunity as MEP wasn’t revoked you’ll be amazed..
    You know all this is doing her a favour anyway because she risks absolutely nothing in this court case, prompted by a pro-sharia organisation in france. And the thing will drag on for months or years and at the end she’ll be cleaned of all charges.
    This stunt by the EU is just to generate bad press for her and so that in one year they can keep on saying “le pen has been in a racism case for which we revoked her immunity”..

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