Egyptians rise up against Morsi, who hopes to be anothre Mubarak #TurkeyWithTahrir

Egyptian protestors direct laser lights on a military helicopter flying over the presidential palace in Cairo.


Muslim Brotherhood HQ burnt down… via @BowenBBC

Six dead in Egypt as protests call for Morsi to go

Five people died as protesters flooded Egypt’s streets calling for Islamist President Mohamed Morsi to step down

Egypt?s Ultras position themselves for mass protests

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and militant, street battle-hardened football fans are positioning themselves for mass demonstrations for and against the government


Back to the old Egypt?

If the claims of the opposition activists are true, why don?t they use this ‘massive electoral strength’ in trying to win parliamentary elections, only a few months away?


Egypt resists Ikhvanisation

On the first anniversary of taking power in Egypt through the first-ever free elections in the country?s history

The Problem with ?Moderates?

The former director general of al-Jazeera television Wadah Khanfar warns Egyptians.

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