Morsi called for his supporters to the streets…at the end of the day Muslim Brotherhood’s HQ attacked…

I guess protesters in Egypt are more prone to pro-government thugs… not as scared as Turkish ones… for the moment…

Egyptians flood streets to demand Morsi’s ouster in biggest protests since revolution

Egyptians flooded the streets calling on President Morsi to resign on the anniversary of his turbulent first year in power, in the biggest protests since the 2011 revolution

Muslim Brotherhood’s HQ In Egypt Under Attack, Spokesman Says

Huffington Post-53 minutes ago

CAIRO, June 30 (Reuters) – Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood said its Cairo headquarters came under attack on Sunday from scores of .

Showdown looms as Egypt’s Morsi marks first year

Egypt braced for mass protests Sunday with President Mohamed Morsi‘s opponents determined to oust him

Morsi supporters call out ‘thugs’

As a divided Egypt braces for mass protests, president’s backers defend legitimacy of his rule.

On the Ground in Tahrir, Egyptian Politics Appears Poised for Real Change

CAIRO — Here’s a secret: Until right now, many journalists in Egypt had gotten tired of covering protests. They’re hot, you know what protesters are going to say, and they never seemed to carry any potential for change. Starting June 30, that just changed.


Egyptians Want to Overthrow the Regime

Egyptians are marking the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s presidency with huge rallies across Egypt today [June 30], calling for him to leave office. Anti-Morsi campaign Tamarrod [ar], whose name translates to rebel, says it has so far gathered more than 22 million signatures from citizens, which call for early presidential elections.

Morsi supporters carrying sticks and shields in Cairo today. Photograph shared by Kareem Fahim (@kfahim) on Twitter.

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