“EU foreign ministers to decide on Turkey?s membership talks….

EU foreign ministers to decide on Turkey?s membership talks (News)

The Turkish government‘s handling of protests that have rocked the country for the past three weeks have strained relations with the EU, and a decision to take another step in Ankara?s accession talks, expected today (24 June), appears uncertain. EurActiv Turkey reports


EU summit to decide Turkey?s chapter fate

An EU summit will decide on whether to open a new negotiation chapter with Turkey, with EU-Turkey tension high after the Gezi Park protests


German, Turkish press declare war

Media outlets in Turkey and Germany upped the severity of language.

Turkey’s EU membership bid falters as diplomatic row with Germany deepens

Efforts to resume negotiations and break three-year stalemate dashed in wake of Ankara’s ruthless response to street protests Turkey’s chances of a breaking a three-year stalemate and relaunching its bid to join the European Union look like being dashed because of the government’s ruthless response to three weeks of street protests amid worsening friction between Ankara and Berlin. The foreign


Merkel party underlines opposition to Turkey in EU

Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s conservative bloc is reiterating its opposition to Turkey joining the European Union in its manifesto for German elections in September ? arguing that the country doesn’t fulfill the conditions to join.

Why less Turks attend diplomatic receptions?

Diplomatic receptions have started to turn into foreigner-to-foreigner social events in recent years as less and less Turkish participation is observed


Syria: intervention – or the great power game?

Rather than giving the opposition a decisive means to victory, arms to Syria will only prolong the violence and suggest a grander agenda: rebalancing regional power.

Friends of Syria will arm rebels for fight against Assad and Hezbollah

Statement pledges ‘all the necessary materiel and equipment’ after recapture of Qusair and as assault on Aleppo nears

International opponents of Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, agreed on Saturday to give urgent military support to Western-backed rebels, aiming to stem a counter-offensive by Assad’s forces and offset the growing power of jihadist fighters.

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