Cyberculture roundup: PEW report on the demographics of Social Media users… Victory for Wikivoyage…

The Demographics of Social Media Users ? 2012

from Pew Internet Rss Feed: Reports
Young adults are more likely than older adults to use social media. Women, African-Americans, and Latinos show high interest in sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

A victory for Wikivoyage and free knowledge

by leyla keser berber
Settlement of litigation between Internet Brands and the Wikimedia Foundation

“…We are pleased to announce a settlement in the legal proceedings between the Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Brands relating to issues stemming from the creation of Wikivoyage,

Obama Signs Order Demanding Federal Agencies Share Cyber Threat Info

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

Saudi Twitter User Arrested, Accused of Following ?Tempters?

from Global Voices Online by Osama Khalid
Bader Thawab is a Saudi Twitter user who was arrested back in September 2012 after writing tweets calling for the fall of the monarchistic Saudi regime. He was also one of those who live-tweeted from the first few hearing sessions of Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) trial.

Cybersecurity in the US: Where we stand, and what comes next

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

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