Meanwhile, Grup Yorum (@Grup_YORUM) band members are subjected to torture. Explicitly, with no shame…

Many members of a radical left wing music band, Grup Yorum, have been recently arrested after a suicide bombing attack to a police station in Istanbul by the illegal organization this band is close to. However, Grup Yorum is around for ages, has a public reputation and a few years ago, more than 30 thousand people attended their concert right in İnönü Stadium. With the increasing right wing- authoritarian policies of AKP government, we see more and more police violence. Here in the photo above, there are two female members of the band. One’s fingers are broken! and the other’s ears are damaged to properly hear as of now under heavy police investigations. This is the contemporary Turkey, whose leader is boasting to bring democracy to Syria… This is just another case of growing authoritarianism in Turkey…


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