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Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (L) admires paintings during a visit to the Amsterdam Museum in Amsterdam April 17, 2012. Gul is in the Netherlands for a three-day state visit. REUTERS/Peter Dejong

Triumphalist Turkey can?t go it alone

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For all the talk about Chinese rates of growth, the success of the country?s economy depends on its growing integration with the EU, writes David Gardner


Iranian nuclear talks open in Istanbul

from World news: Turkey | by Julian Borger
Critical negotiations aimed at preventing a new war in the Middle East get started with lamb, rice and guarded optimism
The tulips are out in force on a crisp spring morning in Istanbul. Away from the minarets and domes of the old city, in a monolithic concrete convention centre in New Istanbul, the long-awaited, long-delayed resumption of international talks with Iran about its nuclear programme got underway at 11am.

Iran shows ‘serious engagement’ at Istanbul nuclear talks

from World news: Turkey | by Julian Borger
The international community set a low bar for Iran to cross and so far it appears to have stepped over it
The Iranian nuclear negotiations in Istanbul have broken for lunch and bilateral meetings are now taking place before a wrap-up session this evening. The news at half-time is generally good. Most importantly, diplomats say that the Iranian delegation have met the standard set for it by the major powers here of showing “serious engagement”. As things stand, a second round of talks looks likely.


Iran promises new proposals at nuclear talks

from World news: Turkey | by Saeed Kamali Dehghan

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, said his country will offer ‘new initiatives’ during fresh nuclear talks in Istanbul

Iran has said it will present new proposals at fresh nuclear talks with the world’s major powers when they meet later this week in Istanbul.

Tension at Turkish border turns world focus on Syria

from Hurriyet Daily News

The world?s eyes turn to the Turkish-Syrian border as key figures come to Hatay amid hectic diplomacy on the Arab republic and the Annan plan?s deadline

With a foot in both camps, Turkey becomes the vital link in talks on Iran?s nuclear program

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The Globe and Mail (Canada) Tuesday, April 10, 2012, p. A8-A9 Sonia Verma Following a three-month hiatus, talks between global powers and Iran over its nuclear program are set to resume later this week. As tensions continue to mount, with economic sanctions and an oil embargo on Tehran poised to come into force this summer,

U.S. Hopes Iran Nuclear Talks Will Reduce Tensions


At negotiations this week between Iran and six world powers, the United States and its allies hope to make enough progress to take some of the urgency out of the confrontation over Tehran?s nuclear program.

The Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan and Georgia

by Acturca

Caucasus Analytical Digest, No. 37, 29 March 2012, 16 p. Special Editor: Lili Di Puppo This issue of the Caucasus Analytical Digest examines the foreign policies of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Rashad Shirinov analyzes the evolution of Azerbaijan?s foreign policy from an initial preference for a Western orientation towards a more balanced and independent foreign policy

Bakou, étape d?Israël sur la route de l?Iran ?

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Le Figaro (France) no. 21052, samedi 7 avril 2012, p. 7 Régis Genté, Tbilissi L?Azerbaïdjan aurait-il récemment donné à Israël une autorisation d?accès à ses bases aériennes en vue d?opérations contre l?Iran ? C?est ce qu?affirme l?article « L?Azerbaïdjan, le terrain d?atterrissage secret d?Israël », publié le 30 mars par le bimensuel américain Foreign Policy

SOCAR: Turkey pipeline under way in fall

from Yahoo news

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 11 (UPI) — Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil and gas company said this week work on the proposed Trans-Anatolian Pipeline across Turkey will begin this year.

Turquie-Russie: un nouveau partenariat stratégique global ?

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Note (Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique) n° 08/10, 07/09/2010, 9 p. Gaïdz Minassian * A la veille de son voyage en Turquie, les 11 et 12 mai 2010, le président russe, Dmitri Medvedev, a, dans une lettre adressée à l?opinion publique turque, mis l?accent sur « l?unicité des relations russo-turques, malgré cinq cents ans d?échanges

Europe has left Syria to a distinctly Ottoman fate | Timothy Garton Ash

from World news: Turkey | by Timothy Garton Ash

On Syria there’s a moral case for intervention ? but with the west reluctant, Turkey and other powers will be the ones to decide

The day I arrived in Istanbul, they buried the last Ottoman. Her Imperial Highness Fatma Neslisah Sultanhad been born in a royal palace overlooking the Bosphorus when her grandfather still notionally reigned over the remnants of a vast, intercontinental realm. The day after I left, gunfire from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s troops killed several people inside Turkey. Their shots crossed a frontier that did not exist until the demise of the Ottoman empire.

Hollande: ?pas d?adhésion de la Turquie à l?UE? dans ?le prochain quinquennat?

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Agence France Presse Mercredi 11 avril 2012, Paris Le candidat socialiste à l?Elysée François Hollande a affirmé mercredi qu?il n?y aura ?pas d?adhésion de la Turquie à l?Union européenne? lors de son quinquennat, s?il est élu, puisqu??aucune condition majeure n?est réunie?. ?Aujourd?hui, il y a un processus de négociation qui est en cours depuis d?ailleurs

Turkey’s neo-Ottoman game plan

from Yahoo news

The fate of Syria?s brave resisters and suffering civilians depends on the old-fashioned regional competition of diverse sovereign powers

Échanges Limousin-Turquie

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La Montagne (France) 13 avril 2012 Dans le cadre du programme régional d?actions à l?international, la CCI de la Creuse a organisé une journée Turquie à Guéret. Elle s?est déroulée en présence du directeur d?Ubifrance à Istanbul, Éric Fajole, conseiller commercial à l?Ambassade de France en Turquie et du délégué régional d?Ubifrance Henri Castorès. Une

La Turquie pourrait en appeler à l?Otan

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Le Figaro (France) no. 21057, vendredi 13 avril 2012, p. 9 Jean-Jacques Mével, correspondant à Bruxelles La Turquie ne veut pas rester seule face à la poudrière syrienne. Le premier ministre, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a indiqué jeudi qu?il pourrait en appeler à l?Otan pour mettre 900 km de frontières communes à l?abri de provocations futures

Turkey?s Relations with the Syrian Opposition

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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) April 13, 2012 Bayram Balci * A few years ago, when Turkey truly believed that it could pursue a policy of ?zero problems with neighbors,? Syria was one of its success stories. How quickly times can change. Now Turkey has turned toward the Syrian opposition trying to push Presiden

L?impasse de la politique néo-ottomane

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Le Temps (Suisse) vendredi 13 avril 2012 Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier Samedi 14 avril, une réunion sur le conflit relatif aux ambitions nucléaires de l?Iran aura lieu à Istanbul. L?occasion pour Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier, chercheur à l?Institut Thomas More, de montrer comment la Turquie, après avoir cherché à consolider ses relations avec l?Iran et la Syrie, se retrouve

Turkey: 25 years in EU?s waiting room

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Deutsche Welle (Germany) 13 April 2012                                 Deutsch Ayhan Simsek A majority of Turks have lost confidence in the EU membership process. For the government it is still a worthwhile goal, but no longer indispensable. Sitting in the European Union?s waiting room for 25 years has not altered Turkey?s goal of full membership. But the

The economics of Turkish accession

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Centre for European Reform, 4 July 2005. 9 pp. By Katinka Barysch The author argues in support of the inclusion of Turkey in the European Union (EU), asserting that concerns that it negatively affects the EU economy are inaccurate. The publication lists several reasons supporting its inclusion, including the availability of a young Turkish workforce

Assessing Turkey?s future as an energy transit country

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Research Notes (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy) No.11, July 2006 Daniel Fink * On July 13, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline (BTC) was formally opened, connecting the Caspian oil basin with the Mediterranean and providing a more direct route to Western markets. The pipeline also represents one of several developments that may propel Turkey into

?Turks in Europe? project promotes Turkish culture in Italy

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Turkish Daily News July 23, 2006 A number of cultural and artistic activities will be organized around the theme ?Turks in Europe? in Italy?s Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia through Oct. 22. The aim of the activities is to support Turkey?s full accession to the European Union and remove prejudices about the country.  ?Turks

Globalisation, enlargement and the debate on Turkey?s place in the EU

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Bosphorus Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 15 September 2006 Peter Mandelson / EU Trade Commissioner In this speech given to a conference organised by the Centre for European Reform in Istanbul on 15 September 2006, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson warns that the political repercussions of Europe?s response to the economic challenges of globalisation will impact on

Turkey?s foreign policy in turbulent times

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Cahier de Chaillot (EUISS)  nº 92, septembre 2006 Kemal Kirisci Today, Turkey is caught between two sets of challenges. The first set includes the typical conventional challenges that relate to national security, territorial integrity and political stability. The second set of challenges has to do with maintaining the pace of political reform, gaining access to markets

Turquie-UE : ?Hollande n?est pas un fervent partisan de l?adhésion?

by Acturca, vendredi 13 avril 2012 Anne-Gaelle Rico Interview ? Pour François Hollande, l?adhésion de la Turquie à l?Union européenne (UE) n?aura pas lieu au cours du prochain mandat présidentiel. ?Aujourd?hui, il y a un processus de négociation qui est en cours depuis d?ailleurs des années? mais ?aucune condition majeure n?est réunie, et donc, dans le

Rien ne va plus entre la Turquie et l?Iran

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Le Figaro (France) no. 21058, samedi 14 avril 2012, p. 9 Laure Marchand, Istanbul Le dialogue entre les Occidentaux et Téhéran sur le nucléaire reprend aujourd?hui à Istanbul. Attachés à leur tradition d?hospitalité, les Turcs ne feront pas mentir leur réputation. Ils mettront un point d?honneur à recevoir la délégation de Téhéran qui participe aujourd?hui

Ankara and Tehran: An Unhappy Ending

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Dar Al Hayat (Lebanon) Sunday  April 15, 2012, p. 11 Elias Harfoush Much water has flowed under the bridge of Turkish-Iranian relations since the eruption of the Syrian crisis. The two major poles in the region, who had been wagering on strong relations they could forge between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the first

Turkish Temptations

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The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) Monday, April 16, 2012, p. 25 Tifa Asrianti In command in the kitchen is Sezai Zorlu, a Turkish chef who has worked in Jakarta for 12 years and previously headed Anatolia in Kemang, South Jakarta. Although he has spent a long time away from home, Zorlu still remembers how his mother

Triumphalist Turkey can?t go it alone

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Financial Times (UK) Monday, April 16, 2012 By David Gardner One of the most remarkable success stories of the past decade, the emergence of Turkey as a vibrant democracy and dynamic economy under the Muslim equivalent of Christian Democrats, may in the course of this decade become a casualty of the European Union?s chronic introversion.

Syria?s Fate Will Be Determined By Turkey

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Spiegel-Online (Germany) April 14, 2012 By Maximilian Popp Europe and the United States are delaying action in the Syria conflict ? yielding the field to Turkey. Prime Minister Erdogan is presenting himself as a crisis manager, organizing aid for refugees and threatening to invoke NATO?s mutual defense clause. By doing so, Ankara is cementing its

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