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CD Review: ANTHRAX Worship Music

from Metal Injection by Jeremy Ulrey

“Time bomb? ticking away, ticking away”. These lyrics from the bridge of “Earth On Hell” are surely deliberate. Faced with both the personal flame out of the poorly received Dan Nelson as well as snubbed overtures directed toward John Bush, the remaining members of Anthrax went into fight or flight mode: either it was time

Orphaned Land: Heavy metal envoys to Muslim world

Jerusalem Post

By BEN HARTMAN Heading to Istanbul for a show in the wake of downgrade in Israel-Turkey ties, band says they have become Israel’s only ambassador to Turkey. Israel’s sole remaining ?ambassadors? to the Turkish Republic have long hair,

Orphaned Land takes Turkish stage once again


Israeli progressive metal band Orphaned Land, which has a wide group of fans in Turkey, is in Turkey for two concerts.

VIDEO: On the road with the Sonisphere festival

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Sonisphere is the world’s largest touring festival. Emma Jones joined the bands as they rocked their way across Europe.

Essential Death Metal Albums

from Heavy Metal

Best Heavy Metal Albums of 1980

from Heavy Metal

Best Heavy Metal Albums Of 1985

from Heavy Metal

Sonisphere Review 2011: Bill Bailey, Motorhead, Airbourne, Motorhead

from Metal Hammer by terrybezer

Best Heavy Metal Albums Of 1984

from Heavy Metal

Sonisphere Review 2011: Megadeth And Anthrax!

from Metal HaMmer

Sonisphere Review 2011: Metallica And Slayer

from Metal Hammer

Essential Doom Metal Albums

from Heavy Metal

Essential Power Metal Albums

from Heavy Metal

Essential Metalcore Albums

from Heavy MetalMetalcore sometimes gets a bad rap because many modern bands of the genre are very similar and generic.  That’s a shame, because there are many metalcore bands who are very creative and don’t deserve to be lumped into that category.  Metalcore also has a fairly lengthy history, dating back to the ’80s when bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front and others blended hardcore, punk and metal to launch a new style of metal.  Today it has become one of the more popular styles of metal, and one that can be a gateway for young fans to discover other styles of metal.  This is a list of some CDs new fans can listen to and get a good idea of what the genre is about.  It is not meant to be all inclusive, just a decent sample of what metalcore has to offer.

Insomnium Interview

from Heavy Metal
One For Sorrow is the latest release from the underrated Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium.  They’ve been making excellent albums for a decade, and their signing to a new label may get them more North American exposure.  I caught up with the band’s vocalist Niilo Sevanen, who fills us in on the making of the new album,  their tour plans, his musical beginnings and other subjects.



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