for Istanbul, Ricky made it, Amy could not… Istanbul news roundup…

A few days back, Rick Martin fans were happy to listen to Ricky Martin in Istanbul. However, great expectation to see Amy Winehouse could not be met. I am sorry for Amy herself, I wish her quick recovery.

Amy Winehouse Meltdown Caught on YouTube [VIDEO]

by Christina Warren


here are some Istanbul news:


International Istanbul Tango Festival, 6-10 July 2011

by Ali Akpinar
International Istanbul Tango Festivals have been organized by El Encuentro since 2004, regularly. The artists participated to those festivals are (in chronological order) Adrian Veredice ? Alejandra Hobert, Ezequiel Paludi ? Sabrina Masso, Mauricio Castro ? Carla Marano, Los Hermanos Macana, Roxina Villegas, Pablo Villarraza ? Dana Frigoli, Pablo Inza ? Moira Castellano, Sebastian Arce […]

Ward Off The “Evil Eye” With A “Nazar Boncuk” In Istanbul
Business Insider
An Istanbul guide is the first step in understanding how the cult of the blue beads spread even past Britain?to Ireland to be precise. Irish farmers are known to hang a blue ball called a Droch-shuil above their barn doors to protect their animals

People of İstanbul to vote over taxis
The Taxi Design Contest, run by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is now going for a plebiscite. The Taxi Design Contest, run by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is now going for a plebiscite. The vote will take place on June 15-29 over

Pera Palace Hotel: the pearl of Istanbul
Dating from the last years of the nineteenth century, when it served the elite passengers of the Orient Express, the Pera Palace in Istanbul has long been popular with la creme de la creme of Europe and the world. Politicians, artists, writers and

İstanbul set for opera extravaganza in July
Today’s Zaman
İstanbul is preparing for an open-air operatic extravaganza next month. From July 1 to 21 several of the city’s historic venues will be home to 18 performances of eight opera productions — as well as a gala concert — in what will be the lineup for

İstanbul not ‘in danger’ in UNESCO report — for now
Today’s Zaman
The UNESCO report states that there needs to be several revisions made on the metro bridge over Haliç (Golden Horn), and the İstanbul Municipality has agreed to do these. Although İstanbul has been facing a move from the World Heritage List to the

Istanbul Special: Unmissable experiences of Bosphorus cruise
Daily Bhaskar
While there were so many things that I explored, one thing that proved to be the most unforgettable was a visit to the Bosphorus, for no Istanbul experience is complete without a cruise up the Bosphorus Strait. The excitement of sailing through the

Turkish language festival starts with glorious opening near Bosporus
Today’s Zaman
The Turkish language is taking the stage in the ninth edition of the International Turkish Olympiads, which kicked off Wednesday night with a glorious opening ceremony at Dolmabahçe Palace along İstanbul’s scenic Bosporus.

Istanbul becoming proud of Pride Week
Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey’s LGBT communities and their supporters will be flying the rainbow flag high as Istanbul’s 19th Pride Week kicks off Monday. A week of events will be capped by next week’s Pride Parade, during which thousands will march against discrimination.

Radar systems monitor Istanbul’s tunnels
Hurriyet Daily News
In order to prevent accidents, a new radar system has been installed in seven tunnels in Istanbul. Drivers who break speed limits in tunnels between Istanbul’s Piyalepaşa, Bomonti, Kağıthane and Dolmabahçe districts will be fined

Conventional İstanbul bazaars slowly being phased out
Today’s Zaman
The decveased of reliance on bazaars, where mostly tourists are visible these days, is a reflection of the improved living standards in İstanbul. The Grand Bazaar in İstanbul is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world,

İstanbul goes comic strip crazy
Sunday’s Zaman
Last October marked a considerable step in the development of a comic network in Turkey with the establishment of İstanBulles, the First International Comics Festival of İstanbul, a 10-day event curated by comic book historian Didier Pasamonik.

İstanbul’s rising real estate market under spotlight as İFM takes shape
Sunday’s Zaman
Long ignored as it was located at a distance from the traditional city center, İstanbul’s Asian side is now under the spotlight and is attracting a great deal of attention as the İstanbul Finance Center Project (İFM) — expected to be built in the

An attempt to look at the world from İstanbul
Today’s Zaman
He said that ?Sarajevo has won as much as İstanbul has, Beirut has won as much as İzmir has, Damascus has won as much as Ankara has, and Jerusalem and Gaza have won just as much as Diyarbakır has.? This link between Turkey and these surrounding nations

Winehouse pulls out of festivals
Belfast Telegraph
The troubled singer apologised for cancelling her sets at the Kucuk Ciftlik Park festival in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Ejekt festival in Athens, Greece. Her spokesman said: “Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfil these commitments,

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