Google’s Eric Schmidt to talk to President of Turkey while the police intimidates Ekşi Sözlük authors…

CEO of Google Eric Schmidt (AFP/File, Thomas Coex)

Mr. Schmidt is supposed to warn our president Abdullah Gül that filtering is not good…News in Turkish

more photos from the meeting here.

He was also interviewed by Mirgün Cabas of NTV, here in Turkish.

In the mean time, there are reports that up to 52 Ekşi Sözlük authors were called to police stations in relation to an investigation on an entry that supposedly insults Prophet Mohammad and Islam. Not only insulting Atatürk but insulting Turkishness or insulting religious values are also legally forbidden in Turkey…



In other/older news:

WikiLeaks’ Assange to travel to Turkey for media conference
Today’s Zaman
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will travel to Turkey this October to deliver a speech during the ?New Media Order Conference? to be held in İstanbul, news reports said on Tuesday. Assange will deliver a speech at the conference, scheduled to be held

A Friendfeed discussion: What is Anonymous? [in Turkish]

Another discussion whether Anonymous attack was a crime or not….

Turkey’s cyber conflict

Turks react to an international group of hackers that targeted Turkish government websites.

By Anna Wood for Southeast European Times in Istanbul ? 16/06/11

Yeni bir tip savaş: Siber saldırı ve Anonymous örneği?

Turkey releases 14 suspects detained in sweep against alleged computer hacking group

from Yahoo news

ANKARA, Turkey ? Turkey?s state-run news agency says authorities have released all 23 people detained in a police sweep against alleged computer hackers linked to an international activist group. The Anatolia agency said nine of the suspects were released Wednesday following police questioning for suspected ties to the group ?Anonymous.? Fourteen others were also questioned by prosecutors and

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