Hell yeah! This is the day of Sonisphere 2011 Istanbul

The greatest heavy metal festival to be found in Turkey takes place today. I will join friends soon at our favorite metal bar, DoRock and then walk to the festival area. Honestly, I was and I am still disappointed with the smaller area allocated for the festival and its shorter period. Also as a thrash fan, it was my dream to watch the Big Four playing… Still, it is impossible to miss this event . I have never seen the legendary  Iron Maiden live so this will be the first time. I am definitely interested in Slipknot stage show and finally although not known much in Turkey, I am curious about Mastodon. Mastodon is an avant-garde metal band from US with a small but dedicated fan base. Honestly, I could never like In Flames much but they have a substantive fan base in Turkey… Anyway, I am gone for the day and hopefully will be back with photos and reviews;)

Official site for the festival here.

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