Towards elections: TÜSİAD comes back to political stage with a draft constitution


TÜSİAD formulates draft constitution

Will the people of Turkey manage to mobilize for preparing and adopting a democratic constitution? The question is vital in what Ümit Boyner, chairwoman of the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen?s Association (TÜSİAD), calls ?the watershed elections? approach.


I vote for TÜSİAD?s constitution

We are approaching a general election that will give the next government not only the mandate to rule the country for one term, but also a mandate to write a completely new constitution for the country.


Turkeys Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ...

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan greets members of the parliament from his ruling AK Party, during a meeting at the Turkish parliament in Ankara March 22, 2011. The United Nations should be the umbrella for a solely humanitarian operation in Libya, Erdogan said on Tuesday. “Turkey will never ever be a side pointing weapons at the Libyan people.? Read more » ” REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Wikileaks: Elected Government Was Servant to Military

by Jenny White

Turkish officers planned a coup against the AKP government in 2003, with the Chief of General Staff opposed and others playing the fence. They were opposed, among other things, to the AKP?s EU accession program because it would reduce the power of the military dominated National Security Council that the army had set up to ?advise? the government. Indeed, one cable describes the NSC as the actual power in Turkey and the elected government its ?servant?.


Discourse on drafting new constitution may push AK Party over 50 percent

There are only a few months left before the elections.



The US learned about the deep state, but what did it do?
Today’s Zaman
The Taraf daily has been publishing documents from between 2000 and 2010 that were released by WikiLeaks over the past few days. There are 11000 documents, and 24000 pages consisting of cables from US diplomats in Turkey. It will probably take a few

US Ambassador says they are interested in elections in Turkey
Today’s Zaman
Anadol asked the prime minister if the United States had an official request from Turkey to establish one of the radar systems for a US missile defense system in İzmir as indicated in WikiLeaks documents, and if so, what was the response of the

Turkish military fought AKP, itself in 2003, WikiLeaks cable says
Hurriyet Daily News
cable published by WikiLeaks‘ Turkish partner, daily Taraf. The long title of the cable, dated June 6, 2003, was: ?Defining the Republic of Turkey: The chief of General Staff and the government are fighting between each other and within themselves

Ending the military?s internal security role

The Turkish military?s role in internal security affairs, exercised through the gendarmerie, has long been problematic, causing weaknesses in ensuring law and order in the country. Added to the problem is the absence of control over this role by a democratically elected political authority.

Elections on 12 June Come in New Apparel

from Bianet :: English
An electorate of 50 million people will be able to vote in the general elections on 12 June 2011. 27 Political Parties take part. For the first time, propaganda can be made in Kurdish. The application fee for independent candidates was increased by factor 17.

We are late to have headscarved deputy

by Ruşen Çakır
Turkey entered election mode long ago but we have yet to witness any interesting developments other than the Republican People?s Party?s (CHP) ?family insurance project? and army draftees paying a fee in lieu of completing their military service.

No modernization without headscarved deputy

by Fadime Özkan
A group of headscarf-wearing women launched a historic initiative earlier this week and made a clear call to all political parties, saying if they do not nominate headscarf-wearing women in the upcoming general elections, they will not receive any votes from the women in the group.

Politics through the hands of women

by Fatma K. Barbarosoğlu
I have objections to obstacles being placed before women in politics. With the loudest of voices, I say ?Stop? to women being subjected to discrimination.

CHP plans to reduce Turkish military’s size by 30 pct if elected

by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
Turkey?s main opposition party has announced plans to create a more modern and professional military by reducing the force?s size by 30 percent.


Turkey’s new ‘old Kemalists’

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
If Turkey?s experience under the AKP proves anything, one should not expect Islamist parties to build liberal societies after the great Arab revolt is over.


Election strategies of political parties: CHP

As part of a series of articles that examine the election strategies of Turkey?s political parties, I would like to outline the Republican People?s Party?s (CHP) election strategy.

WikiLeaks cables paint portrait of the ‘deep state’ in Turkey
Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey’s president, the military and the judiciary were ?at the heart of the deep state? in 2002, according to a leaked US embassy cable that was released Monday by WikiLeaks‘ Turkish partner, daily Taraf. The elected Turkish governments are ?nothing

Turkish paper gains access to WikiLeaks cables
Fox News
| AP ANKARA, Turkey ? A Turkish newspaper says it has linked up with WikiLeaks to publish thousands of US diplomatic cables covering Washington’s relationship with Turkey ? the country from which the largest number of cables originated.

CHP to guarantee seats for suspects by nominating in strongholds
Today’s Zaman
Mustafa Balbay (right top), İlhan Cihaner (right bottom) In a move that has once again come to expose the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) determination to save a number of Ergenekon suspects through politics, the party has decided to

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