Police ambushes many sites in Istanbul to find the copies of unpublished book of Ahmet Şık…


It started this morning with the publishing house, Ithaki Yayınevi, which is expected to publish Ahmet Şık’s book on Fethullan Gülen movement’s involvement with the Turkish police force. The book is entitled as İmamın Ordusu [Imam’s Army]. According to Twitter accounts, policemen are searching copies at Radikal daily now and the found copies in hard disks are deleted by the policemen in charge! According to the court decision that started the copy-hunt, anyone having Ahmet’s copies may be sued under terrorism (propaganda) laws. Does this all remind you something, some other countries?

In the mean time, there is talk that police may ambush our offices, too since Ahmet Şık was a part-time lecturer at our Communication School…




Turkish police raid printing house, erase unpublished book

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Istanbul police have raided a printing house in search of computer files containing an unpublished book by an arrested suspect in the Ergenekon coup-plot case.


Turkish police raid daily Radikal’s newsroom

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Police raided the offices of the daily Radikal on Thursday in search of draft copies of arrested journalist Ahmet Şık’s unpublished book.


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