by the way, nuclear talks start in Istanbul… a foreign policy roundup…

Iran nuclear talks start in Turkey

Six world powers open negotiations with Tehran with little hope of breakthrough

Six world powers began two days of talks with Iran today aimed at curbing its nuclear programme, but there is little hope of a breakthrough at the Istanbul meeting.

Irans chief nuclear negotiator Jalili shakes ...

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili (L) shakes hands with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu before a dinner hosted by the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Istanbul January 20, 2011. Iran said it had no fresh offer to make to revive a nuclear fuel swap proposal but was ready to discuss it in talks with world powers on Friday, and Russia said ways of easing sanctions on Tehran should be addressed too. Expectations of any breakthrough in an eight-year-old stand-off over Iran’s nuclear ambitions were low ahead of a second round of negotiations between Iran and six powers in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Friday and Saturday. REUTERS/Burak Akbulut

Turkey?s Role in Middle East Is Bolstered by Vision of Foreign Minister

Ahmet Davutoglu, the tireless, talkative foreign minister, is the architect of a foreign policy designed to (peacefully) restore his country to greatness. But whose side is he really on?

New US ambassador to arrive in Ankara

by ANKARA- Hürriyet Daily News
Francis Ricciardone, the recently appointed U.S. ambassador to Ankara, is set to arrive in the Turkish capital Thursday, almost six months after his predecessor left Turkey.

Breaking the EU-Turkey deadlock

Turkey and the EU are crucial partners and allies both politically and economically. However, these days there is no question that Turkey is getting fed up with the EU and the antics of some of its leaders while at the same time the EU is probably also growing tired of some of the statements coming from Ankara. With Turkey?s membership process almost deadlocked, this does not represent a good start to the year.

As Turkey?s foreign policy changes, so does Turkey

Iran nuclear talks in Istanbul: is a uranium deal back on the table?

by Julian Borger

Amid reports that Iran wants to revive a proposal to export some of its enriched uranium, a leaked US cable suggests an earlier compromise may have been scuppered by mixed messages from Washington

Tunisia, the Arab world and the ‘Turkish model’
Hurriyet Daily News
There is an allergy in Turkey, particularly among the secular-western oriented segments of the society, against the American-scissored ?role model? this

Turkey still keen on joining E.U. despite European obstructions: senior official

from Yahoo news
ANKARA: Turkey still considers joining the E.U. as a main goal despite obstruction by some European states like France, a senior Turkish official has said. “Joining the European Union is a main goal for Turkey. This will enhance democracy and the personal rights of individuals,” Burak Erdenir, deputy secretary general for E.U. affairs, told a group of Lebanese journalists

La Turquie entre Europe et Asie

Will Israel soon be a client of Turkey?s army?

by acturca

Haaretz (Israel), 19.01.11

By Zvi Bar?el

The Turkish army is not just an army. Via its pension fund, Oyak, it also controls civilian businesses worth billions of dollars. Now, the government is trying to curtail its economic might.

Lebanon shows shift of influence in Mideast

by acturca

The New York Times (USA), January 19, 2011, p. A8

By Anthony Shadid, Beirut (Lebanon)

In Lebanon?s worst crisis in years, whose resolution may determine whether Hezbollah controls a government allied with the United States, American diplomacy has become the butt of jokes here. Once a decisive player here, Saudi Arabia has all but given up. In their stead is Turkey, which has sought to mediate a crisis that, given events on Tuesday in Beirut?s streets, threatens to turn violent before it is resolved.

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