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Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide, the 2010 edition

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Boing Boing’s charitable giving guide has become a seasonal tradition of ours, listing the charities we personally support and want to give more attention to. As in previous years, we invite you to add your own favorite charities in the comments section.

Last year, the econopocalypse gave the charitable sector a rough holiday season. A year on, improvements are slow to come. But many of these charities help keep the world fair, free and healthy, so please spare what you can.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

It seems like every year, EFF’s reason for existence becomes more self-evident: from Wikileaks-panic censorship to cozy telcoms deals to scuttle network neutrality to scary evoting mysteries to more warrantless wiretapping… EFF was founded by people who realized that the electronic world would quickly become as important as the real world for many aspects of our lives, and that the civil liberties battles we’ve fought in “real life” would have to be fought all over again online, by technically skilled, principled people. EFF always gets my biggest donation — because our future is riding on it.

2010: E-Book Buyer’s Guide to E-Book Privacy

from Updates by cindy

With the 2010 holidays upon us, it’s time to update EFF’s E-Book Buyer’s Guide to E-Book Privacy, which summarizes and comments on the privacy-related policies of several e-readers.

What’s new. We’ve added in the iPad and also added in the software used by many libraries and devices for e-book access, made by Adobe called Adobe Content Server. Adobe doesn’t keep a list of libraries that use their software, but it does have a list of supported devices. Remember that the list only tells you what information is available to Adobe, not what information may be made available to the device itself. The information about the Adobe Content Server comes directly to us from Adobe.

danah boyd explains email sabbaticals

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Many years ago, danah boyd taught me her fool-proof method for an email-free holiday — a procedure for switching off your email while on vacation, without offending your co-workers, friends, and correspondents. I’ve used danah’s method ever since, and I swear by it: being able to go on holiday from my email and knowing that I won’t be clobbered by a mountain of backlog when I return is literally life-changing. The amount of wear-and-tear I’ve saved in cortisol-damage from email-stress has probably added ten years to my life. danah’s off on another email sabbatical and she’s posted a detailed description of her procedure and logic.

Digital Self-Harm and Other Acts of Self-Harassment

from DML Central by danah boyd

New Facebook Friend Lists Cause Some Confusion

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen

The GOP, the NSF, and Crowd-Sourcing

from Digging Digitally by Eric Kansa

This is a topical blog about archaeology and digital data, so this post may appear off topic at first, but trust me it is not.

The Republican Party (or GOP), in its quest to appear like the party of ?fiscal responsibility? [sic], has launched a new crowd-sourcing site to go after ?questionable? grants made by the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF funds some archaeology, so this development is of interest to readers of Digging Digitally.

Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched

from The Official Google Blog by A Googler

In the search team we talk a lot about that people are always looking for new things with Google. In fact, about 20% of our queries are new each day. As it gets to be the end of the year, it?s a great time to look at what searches we all have in common. In the 2010 Google Zeitgeist, we?ve gathered the most popular and fastest rising queries from the year to capture the joys, sorrows and curiosity that many of us felt?capturing the spirit of 2010.

The Joy of Writing Tools Whether Ancient or New

from DML Central by jbrazil

Hands-On With Google E-Books [SCREENSHOTS]

from Mashable! by Lauren Indvik

Digital Self-Harm and Other Acts of Self-Harassment

from apophenia by zephoria

Cloud computing: the latest chapter in an epic journey

from The Official Google Blog by A Googler

This blog post is a version of Eric?s talk at our Chrome event on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. You can watch his talk on YouTube. – Ed.

On Tuesday, we announced a number of updates to Chrome and Chrome OS. For me, these announcements were among the most important of my working life?demonstrating the real power of computer science to transform people?s lives. It?s extraordinary how very complex platforms can produce beautifully simple solutions like Chrome and Chrome OS, which anyone can use from the get-go?as long as you get it right. And that?s very, very hard indeed as history has taught.

Who?s Using Twitter? [REPORT]

from Mashable! by Radhika Marya

Twitter?s 2010 in Review: Justin Bieber, the iPad, and Android

from Daily Bits by noemi

If Google has Zeitgeist 2010, then Twitter has its own review of the year that is almost gone. Twitter recently released the top trending topics on 2010, and if you want to know if you were ?trendy? this year (or if you have nothing better to do), you might be interested at poring over the lists.

It may be hard for technophiles to swallow, but there are only two techn

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