PETA activists showed up in Taksim

PETA güzelleri bu kez Taksim'de soyundu
photo: Milliyet

Activists strip down in Istanbul to protest wearing animal furs


PETA güzelleri bu kez Taksim'de soyundu

İstanbul unity and cooperation

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Columnists by MICHAEL KUSER
A Brookings Institution study of the world?s post-recession cities this year ranked İstanbul as the most dynamic in terms of income growth and job creation.

The Stock Exchange Moves to Asian Side. What Happens to the Building?

from İstanbul Altı by Asher

Erdogan gave a speech today in which he outlined a plan to move the Istanbul Stock Exchange to the Asian-side suburb of Ateşehir, in order to create some sort of Banking Center Suburb?a State-run Maslak of sorts, I suppose. It?s all a bit rudimentary at this point.

A Travel Guide to Istanbul: The Empire Strikes Back –

Istanbul Through A Child?s Eyes

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Bianet posted a lovely exhibit of paintings of Istanbul by children. Here?s one. Click here for more.

O city of Istanbul, priceless and peerless!

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

O city of Istanbul, priceless and peerless!
I would sacrifice all Persia for one of your stones! [1]
One piece of jewel between two seas
Justified if compared to the light of the universal sun

Bu şehr-i Sitanbul ki bî-misl ü bahadır
Bir sengine yekpâre Âcem mülkü fedâdır
Bir gevher-i yekpâre iki bahr arasında
Hurşid-i cihan tâb ile tartılsa sezâdır. [2]

US expat provides a peek at burlesque in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Triston is a multi-talented performance artist (dancer, DJ, event organizer and singer) opting to live in the lesser foreigner populated area of Tarlabaşı. He currently works as a creative arts director at the popular night club ?The Hall.? He organises various burlesque performances with his Berlin based dance group ?Xares? and set up a series of ?underground? parties in ?Cherie? at the Hall. Regularly nicknamed ?Blade? and ?Michael Jackson? on the streets, Triston is also working on his second publication about living in Istanbul.

The last of İstanbul’s human beasts of burden — ‘hamals’
Today’s Zaman
He explains in a slightly jokingly way how it was that he moved from Adıyaman to İstanbul and began this profession. ?We were hungry in the village

US expat provides a peek at burlesque in Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Regularly nicknamed ‘Blade’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ on the streets, Triston is also working on his second publication about living in Istanbul.

Istanbul modeling is ‘world’s largest scanning project’

Expat wife Hughette Eyüboğlu witnesses decades of change in Turkey

The legend of Istanbul night life: Zihni Bar

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Zihni Bar, long a fixture in Kuruçeşme, has come to Nişantaşı, bringing its dedicated clientele with it.

Beşiktaş Market

from Hurriyet Dailynews by from
Beşiktaş is usually crammed with locals looking to pick up reasonably priced fashion, electronics, books and music, and at its heart lies a small but vibrant fish market.

Best 10 Must See Attractions In Istanbul
Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is historically identified with the name of Constantinople.This city is based on two continents- Asia and Europe. It is visited from far more than 100 000 tourists each year.

İstanbul no longer challenge for foreigners with
Today’s Zaman
A foreigner who wants to discover all of the beauty and attractions in İstanbul is very likely to be overwhelmed by the large population of this city and

Weimar Istanbul by Claire Berlinski, City Journal Autumn 2010

Artist makes love with partner in performance in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkish contemporary artist Şükran Moral, who is known for provocative works, made love with a female partner during her latest performance and the criticisms are growing.

A facelift for Istanbul’s aging bazaar?

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