A major decision: Erkan’s Field Diary now accepts contributions in Turkish

…and there are some other decisions.

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I, myself, will continue to post in English and the blog language will still be primarily English but guest authors/contributors can contribute in Turkish. In fact, Can Erol had already started doing that… And some will continue to write in English..

Initial reason was that some authors were having difficulties in expressing their ideas in English and I know that they can produce great stuff in Turkish.

This blog has always protected my personal touch and I intend to keep it that way but on the other hand, I would like to use the possible creative force of my friends and networks as I speedily move into the world of social media. I have already made several call for contributions in other settings but now here comes “my official call” from the blog to my readers: You are very welcome to contribute to Erkan’s Field Diary in English or in Turkish (even in French) after we correspond about the nature of contributions.  I don’t hide my ambition to make this blog a kind of Turkey’s Huffington Post.

Finally, accepting Turkish is also related to our another attempt to revive our old fanzine project, Milli İstirahat. I and my dear friend Çetin had created a small but productive venue for more literary output with a small circle of friends. Unfortunately, we could not continue that in paper or in another site. So Milli İstirahat will continue to write for this blog in Turkish (most do not speak English) and maybe one day, that project will again move to an independent site. But for the moment, I will keep it under the wings of Erkan’s Field Diary. Being bilingual maybe a little bit of confusing but I guess we can overcome that…

2 thoughts on “A major decision: Erkan’s Field Diary now accepts contributions in Turkish

  1. This is a great gesture, Erkan. To be multilingual and multicultural will enlarge your Field Diary’s horizon. And I hope someone will contribute in French one day. Creative people should have outlets to express their own ideas in their language. Translation is always a bit of a betrayal. English has taken over the world but would Dante had written the Divine Comedy in English? I don?t think that Shakespeare would have written Henry the Fifth in French!

    Congratulations and all the best, Erkan.

  2. You can re post Mavi Boncuk articles to Huffuntonized Diaries. Write back for more details. Good work. We are fellow blogs on GlobalPost.( i humbly recommended your blog to the boys in Boston) It is not a big issue that you are a Black Eagles fan.


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