album of the week

Morrigan’s Call
by Cruachan

erkan’s best of- song 019

MEGADETH – Head Crusher (Official Clip)

new stuff

Axioma Ethica Odini
~ Enslaved

~ Kiske

~ Eric Clapton

older stuff

In the Arms of Devastation
by Kataklysm

special interest

by Borknagar

Morrigan’s Call
by Cruachan

Pagan (2008)
by Cruachan

tribute to the ancestors

Eric Clapton
by Eric Clapton

by Elton John

Bob Dylan: A Fool Such As I
by Bob Dylan

Night at the Opera
by Queen

news roundup:

AGALLOCH’s New Album Streaming In Full ? No Excuses

from Metal Injection by RobInjection

NPR, you have done it again! They are currently streaming the entire new Agalloch album, Marrow Of The Spirit for FREE on their site and I highly recommend you check it out. You really have no excuse not to. This is one of the best bands around today, and if you don’t believe my hype

Autopsy Interview

from Heavy Metal

Heavy metal reunions have become so common that they often merit little attention. But when Autopsy – one of the cornerstone bands of death metal — reformed even the most jaded metal fans took note.  Autopsy vocalist and drummer Chris Reifert adamantly said for 16 years that Autopsy was never coming back and that his long-running band Abscess was his priority.

METALLICA Issues Statement About Kicked Kid

from Metal Injection by RobInjection

Enslaved Interview

from Heavy Metal
Axioma Ethica Odini, the latest full-length from Norwegian progressive black metallers Enslaved was released in late September.

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