Here comes the Nato Summit; the key issues and more…

MAIN FOCUS: Nato faces decision on change of direction | 19/11/2010

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At the two-day Nato summit that begins in Lisbon today, the heads of state and government will be negotiating over a new strategy for the military alliance and a planned missile defence shield with Russia. Commentators believe Nato urgently needs a change of strategy and that cooperation with Moscow is almost impossible.

Nato summit in Lisbon: the key issues

from World news: Turkey | by Ian Traynor

Afghanistan, relations with Russia and the Turkey-Cyprus conundrum among a challenging list of issues on the agenda


The “war on terror” and the Taliban will dominate Saturday morning in Lisbon, with Nato leaders joined by Hamid Karzai, government figures of all 50 countries engaged in the Afghan campaign, and Ban Ki-moon, the UN chief. Exit strategy and transition to Afghan ownership are the key topics. David Cameron said this week 2015 was a “clear deadline” for the withdrawal of UK troops………………..

Turkey Suddenly Becomes Best Friend of Its Foes

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Russia, Greece, Iran and Iraq will officially not be posing any threat to Turkey soon.

Alliance to calm Turkish nerves over missile plan

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Nato aims to drop plans to single out Iran’s ballistic missiles as a threat to the alliance in the hope this will encourage Turkey to back proposals for a new missile defence system

Welcome to NATOstan

By Pepe Escobar
…According to Turkish press reports, Ankara will only accept a missile defense system if the system is NATO’s, not American; if the system is deployed in all 27 NATO countries; and if NATO does not place Turkey in the unenviable position of frontline state just as it was during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.”

Morning Brief: Afghanistan and missile defense on the table at NATO summit

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Afghanistan and missile defense on the table at NATO summit

Top news: President Barack Obama will arrive in Lisbon today for a NATO conference at which he will face tough questions over the U.S. exit strategy for Afghanistan and economic policies and the alliance will attempt to define a new role for itself.

After Lisbon, what next?, Jana Kobzova

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Jana Kobzova

As NATO leaders arrive in Lisbon to approve the Alliance?s new strategic blueprint aimed at enhancing security of Europe, questions remain about who will manage the security inside Europe, and how.

As summit begins, NATO missile shield a test of Turkey’s allegiance | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 19.11.2010

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