4chan Crash MPAA Website, new stuff from Twitter and Facebook…

4chan Users Crash MPAA Website in Pro-Piracy Protest

from Mashable! by Samuel Axon

The 4chan user group ?Anonymous? executed attacks this morning that crashed the websites run by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Indian tech firm Aiplex Software. The attacks were made in response to anti-piracy measures taken by both organizations.

Facebook Places launches in UK

from Wikinews

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Facebook Places, a location-publicising service that was released in the United States in August, has now become available to users in the United Kingdom. The service was released in Japan ealier this week. Previously, some people in the UK who use Facebook‘s iPhone application discovered that they were able to use the service.

Facebook to Change How You Process Friend Requests

from Mashable! by Jennifer Van Grove

Facebook Killing Traditional Friend Rejections

from All Facebook by Nick O’Neill

Don?t want to approve that new friend request because you don?t know the person well enough? Rather than clicking ?Ignore? as was previously the case, Facebook is switching the button to ?Not Now? and simply hiding the request indefinitely. Users can then choose to go back to those friend requests at a later date by clicking on ?View Hidden Requests? on their requests page.

Here Comes the New Twitter.com

from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

Twitter redesign to include easier multimedia sharing

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

twitterbird.pngA new, redesigned, re-engineered Twitter site has been launched, aiming to provide an “easier, faster and richer experience,” according to the site’s blog. The company has realized that although the 140-character constraint means that information is shared quickly and concisely, but that “life doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less.”

The New Twitter Is an Attack on All Desktop Apps

from Mashable! by Jennifer Van Grove

Twitter 2.O: Much Ado About Nothing?

from Sysomos Blog by Mark Evans

So, Twitter has applied a fresh coat of paint on Twitter.com ? something that has, not surprisingly, captured the imagination of the blogosphere, which celebrates anything new from the world?s leading micro-blogging service.

Facebook Alternative Diaspora Releases Initial Source Code

from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder

Google’s New Adwording Policy in Europe

from Stanford Center for Internet and Society by Zohar Efroni

As of yesterday, Google?s new policy concerning registration of trademarks as keywords for triggering contextual advertisement in many European countries went into effect. The new policy, which strongly relies on the recent ECJ decision on Google?s potential liability for TM infringement via its adwords practice, demonstrates a notable shift in Google?s approach.

Revised Opinion in Privacy Case Blurs Clear Limits to Digital Search and Seizure

from EFF.org Updates by tien

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit issued an unfortunate revised opinion in United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing Inc., a case featuring blatantly unconstitutional government action. As the court put it:

Jack-Booted Thugs and Copyright Enforcement

from EFF.org Updates by richard

When it comes to copyright enforcement and the government, EFF frequently warns that giving government agents a reason to censor, search, seize, and indict must be taken very seriously. Without safeguards and a thorough accounting of the consequences, laws and policies targeting so-called “pirates” can be used to pry away human rights and undermine fundamental elements of democracy and freedom.

Flash vs. HTML5: Adobe Weighs In

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

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